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  1. since the right click on images is disabled?
  2. just found an easier way.......just drag the image to the google image search bar, and viola search for the image.
  3. Nationwide Insurance.

    are you sure it's not a tranny?
  4. the ladies don't seem to mind my prince albert.
  5. iirc they paid for x amount of time.
  6. Happy Birthday Nikki Holiday!

    happy birthday sexy lady.
  7. Omg****im****board

  8. Dia Duit Uaisle - Hello Gentlemen!

    you lost me at nickelback.
  9. Denver I'm bored... What to do ?!?

    shouldn't you be getting laid
  10. New Name!

  11. BERLIN, April 24 (UPI) -- A new app called Peppr was launched in Germany this month to connect potential clients with nearby prostitutes using GPS. It is like a cross between the car-ordering service app Uber and the dating app Tinder. Clients log into the app and type in what they want: body type, eye color, personality traits, and the maximum price they are willing to pay. Pia Poppenreiter, the creator of the app, says she wanted to create a tool that prevented sex workers from waiting in the cold to find clients. Poppenreiter says she pre-interviews people who wish to use the app to make sure they are working voluntarily and independently in the business. "We have a short conversation to get the feeling that this is voluntary and they are independent sex workers," she said. "We try to ask them -- you kind of find out in a conversation whether they're doing it on a voluntary basis -- we ask them what they did before, whether they've always worked voluntarily and so on." Unlike many other countries, prostitution is legal in Germany. http://www.breitbart.com/system/wire/upiUPI-20140424-153422-2935
  12. joselyn cano: http://instagram.com/joselyncano
  13. Avoiding attention at a hotel

    LMAO, that'd be a big red flag.......a nun going into a hotel room?
  14. Hello Denver

    that's fucked up.
  15. 411 on Isabella Sakura

    looks cute, anybody with any first hand knowledge
  16. Hey its Kourtney :)

    why would she
  17. 411 on Isabella Sakura

    I didn't know columbian was a language.
  18. 411 - CowBoys4Angles.com

    lol at buff bagwell.
  19. Anyone had the Pleasure ??

    take one for yourself.......looks 1/10.
  20. 104 car pileup reference in ad

    maybe she wants to get rear ended
  21. Caution: Mya Mylanna

    she ripped him off for $700 before, yet he went to her again this guys an idiot.
  22. Trying to Quit

    i give in to sin because i have to make this life livable.