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  1. why bother being in a relationship, if "your" gonna fuck around on the side.
  2. Questions for The Whisperer???

    i'am really the whisperer.....waddya want to know
  3. is there a cliff notes version
  4. just show up shit, showered and shaved, with the donation... i'am sure she'll be happy. save the hipster gear for lodo on the weekends.
  5. a heavy breather called her.
  6. The Fappening

    kate upton........oh my http://www.reddit.com/r/TheFappening/comments/2f44n0/new_celeb_leaked_pics_all_in_one_place/
  7. I was fooled by shemale .

    this was a reference to the op, not you, [snip}
  8. Howdy from Texas

    hope you have fun here.
  9. A funny thing happened on the way to the bedroom...

    what's to stop a cop from doing the deed, then busting you?
  10. http://www.gay-test.com/
  11. moving to colorado soon just wante to say hi

    you might want to stay in college.....there's no e in want.
  12. No Hobby for Me

    you're gonna go blind.
  13. Colfax Stories

    from way back......
  14. Colfax Stories

    use to go the hollywood poster shop when i was a teenager and read the playboys.....wasn't bad for $2...
  15. just go down to Denver health....
  16. Info on Zoey Ryder

  17. Info on Zoey Ryder

    was a 3g experience for me.
  18. Hello

    will the broncos win the super bowl next year