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  1. Saying a quick hello

  2. Anyone seen Jessica Kent lately?

    if she wanted to keep in touch, she would've done so.......let it go.
  3. Say No To The Bro-Hug

    the fist bump usually works in lieu of the bro hug.
  4. Wow how things have changed around here! :)

    a pimpette
  5. something to say she is appreciated
  6. Wow how things have changed around here! :)

    you're thinking of denver sugar.
  7. dakota?

    20 years????
  8. I think we'd agree that stereotypically men are visual when it comes to sexual attraction, right? In the media, advertising?much of the imagery is attractive women, even when its directed at women. And women are attracted to the emotional/personality traits of a man, right? (This is all tongue in cheek, and I making broad stereotypical generalizations.) Now, I know many people that work in SOB's, and you aren't likely to find many male stripper/escorts that are ugly and/or out of shape. But, you sure as hell will find ugly and out of shape women in the same professions. Why is that? Why are the roles reversed when it comes to paying for it?
  9. Marilyn Finally Posts a Thread

    44 is alot of posts?
  10. great thread......i've implemented a new pussy policy. your box better not smell like used rubbers, or a tuna canning factory at high noon....it better be summers eve fresh. mkay....
  11. "Extra" service at a strip club?

    i think you're thinking about pecos junction. the mile high saloon was pretty wild in the 90's. :D:D
  12. Does it matter if ad is posted?

    nope, out of site out of mind.
  13. Brennyn

    i think the term batshit crazy would be applicable.
  14. i do like to mong the whores.
  15. Has Belle Blooms resurfaced?

    why bother having a board when you have nothing but contempt for the men that come here?
  16. i see em for free on craigslist, why would i buy them?
  17. Why am I not surprised this is in Florida? http://myfox8.com/2014/09/22/woman-has-surgery-to-add-third-breast-hopes-to-rebuff-men/