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  1. No, his real name was Herbert Streicher.
  2. +1, anyone see american gigolo?
  3. New account, New Ok on 411

    yea, i'am sure he's a cop waiting to bust you. i thought p411 was infallible
  4. Nut In Your Hair!

    make up your mind, do you wanna bust a nut in their hair, or do you want them to swallow your load
  5. sorry :)

    iam sure no one got their feelings hurt for life. let bygones be bygones.
  6. sorry :)

    link to the rant
  7. Ebony ASP's

    tall black and stacked.......where're they at
  8. Another Bust in Casper Yesterday

    those chicks look like meth freaks. yikes
  9. maybe she should give you a cancellation fee? or a free hour.
  10. Should i just be honest, and say i'am into escorts and porn.
  11. didn't even know 10,000 pornstars existed.
  12. please advice

    the hyatt dtc is nice. avoid downtown, parking is a pita.
  13. Choices - TUMA

    Fist Up My Ass
  14. Choices - TUMA

    wtf is a TUMA
  15. Do you think an OK gives you...

    so, is tune in toyko on the menu
  16. This guy has some balls. A Minnesota lawyer is suspended indefinitely after having an affair with a client and then billing her for the time spent having sex, TwinCities.com reported. Thomas P. Lowe, 58, of Eagan, Minn., who is married, had an affair with a woman he was representing in a divorce case, according to the website. Lowe reportedly knew the client for many years, and agreed in August 2011 to represent her in her divorce case. The two began an affair one month later. The website reports that at several times, Lowe billed the woman for legal services rendered while the two were having sex -- calling the time spent together a "meeting" or memo draft. Lowe will not have a chance for for reinstatement for at least a year and three months, according to the website. Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/01/18/minnesota-lawyer-who-had-affair-with-client-bills-her-for-time-spent-having-sex/?test=latestnews#ixzz2INIC9NtJ