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  1. Best Strip club in Denver

    Checked out Shotgun Willies and Diamond. They have steaks for cheap, got a TBone for $16😋. That was the highlight 😂 Not really much dancing, more girls flopping around and no poles🤷🏻‍♂️ it’s always funny going to strip clubs in different cities and states. They all come up with all the stupidest rules. No full nude when there’s alcohol. Came from Portland so I guess I’m spoiled . Either way it was a nice switch up from the usual escort hobby
  2. Your Idea Of a Perfect Provider

    Looks like Courtney Cox, body like STPeach, sex like a porno star. Most importantly, amazing BJ skills that are tuned to way I like. Accommodating and sweet personality and happy to do it all.😂
  3. Best Strip club in Denver

    Damn I’m from Portland and it’s usually ok. Of course not if gals object but most of the time they’re game
  4. Best Strip club in Denver

    Closest to downtown. Saw some 24hr private shows but looking for strip club with dancing and booty grabbing and beer .
  5. Anybody know why site down?