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  1. This feels like a girl without a lot of options and she had you on the hook and then you wiggled off the line just as she was about to get you in the net. She’s frustrated and as you said, possibly desperate. She’s obviously had some bad luck and made some bad choices and may even have some mental health challenges fueling her actions. I would never presuppose to tell you what to do bro. I know you’re scared. If it was me I would stop responding in any way shape or form. Radio silence. As someone detached, it feels like hollow threats to me from someone who is trying to get you back on the hook. I sense once she sees you’re not going to bite she’ll realize it’s time to move to the next opportunity. She has just as much to loose as you from coming up on the radar. That’s only my perception from afar. I will reinforce what sb1212 is saying. I’m not judging, at the same time your selection and screening process has some flaws brother. I too, am your age. There seems to be enough for any niche. When you see what you like here or on any site, search on sites like TER for confirmation. Search her phone number or picture. Then reach out. My experience with TOB ladies is overwhelmingly positive and the couple times it wasn’t, it’s just because we didn’t click. We still respected and looked after one another. There are really great women here The one woman I encountered who had real mental health issues and snapped on me was because my eyes were bigger than my brain. The info was all there for the finding and I just didn’t bother to look. She had gotten banned from TOB. If you find that you cannot cross-check for reviews or other validating information, then brother, that’s the universe telling you to move on. Best of luck!