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  1. Question about review

    Yes a donation was provided. No there was no refund. Thanks for the feedback. Real person here. Real experience. I have had a few normal sessions. I have just never signed up for the site or participate in forums.
  2. Question about review

    Exactly as requested by the provider on their personal website in their etiquette section.
  3. Hello,. So I met a provider and followed appropriate etiquette. Things started off ok. Then she asked if she could smoke. I said I didn't mind and she broke out herb. She started talking then said she was tired and was going to kick me out. We did not get to the main course that I went for. I texted her, driving away expressing frustration, asked if I was going to get a rain check. She said yes but now not responding. I feel like a rip off review is in order but I don't want to be too harsh either. Suggestions?