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  1. "Walmart people"and the stuffed animal

    If he bought it then had sex with it, would that be considered soliciting prostitution?
  2. PSA: Hide Your Valuables

    Sounds like she watched Pulp Fiction.
  3. Is there any one thing....

    If I ever found someone.
  4. Is FIJI Back In Town

    That is great to hear she's back.
  5. Room Keys in Vegas

    The Stratosphere doesn't require a key either.
  6. I am very convinced it is him. His thread about JFK being killed over some book was really funny.
  7. Are you that poster named frontman667 that got banned from eccie? You both sure have very similar posting styles. I hope you don't plan to spam this board with your nonsense.
  8. What do you prefer? Variety or loyalty?

    Variety that way I won't get attached to one lady and then have her retire or move away.
  9. Another Bust in Casper Yesterday

    Probably because the state basketball championships are in town this weekend.
  10. Little help here - Sweet Sadie 303 903-3002

    I have seen her. She was worth the price of admission.
  11. 411-Seattle

    I have the hots for lilywhite, she seems to have a spunky attitude that I find irresistible.
  12. How do you like to be greeted?

    High heels and stockings.
  13. Easy just get a P411 account there are enough ladies in the Denver area to keep you busy for weeks and weeks.