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  1. Yes It Is Me!

    <click> You've/we've been through this before and this would be your 3rd "chance". Unless the other moderators want to discuss and veto this decision.. I'm banning you again.
  2. Happy Birthday ------

    Thanks.. Took some un-reported time away. Real-life. Catching up with the yada-yada, now.
  3. 3Gs
  4. Ft Collins ripoff alert

    This was highlighted on the Review Board:
  5. The most obvious self review ever

    Review approvals go through a (limited, admittedly), formula for approvals. Some discrepancies may fall through the cracks. Take any and all "fantasies" on the internet with a grain of salt to make your booking decisions.
  6. 100 % me or free

    She paid me.. leave.
  7. Tanned Ladies

  8. Dangerous Encounters

    True Story or Urban Legend: Provider wearing stiletto heels, reverse Asian cowgirl inside client's legs position.. catches heel in labial piercing. .. there's my Friday contribution. Have a good weekend all.
  9. AsianSaraGFE Retired?

    The request must come from the ASP, but if there are current reviews up on other sites.. they stay up.
  10. Mystii and Nevaeh are back - BEWARE!!!

    Click link provided by OP. The post is useful enough and the thread is very close to becoming review material.
  11. Fun in Baja California

    PMs only per board rules.
  12. Newbie

    <thread closed, infractions doled out> Done wading through this little slap-fest. No matter how little a few of you try to stay on-topic, the back-handed digs, outright attacks and hall-monitoring attempts are apparent. To the OP: If you've been a hobbyist in the past, you know you will find your own level of comfort re: screening. There is a "fast-track" way with consequences or you can go about it with patience, guile and research. We've all been through it - clients and providers. From what I've known in the past regarding outing, LE and/or psycho clients/providers - there is responsibility on both sides of the game. If you go about your business feeling invincible, you are asking for the consequences. While this board was created to help with decisions regarding the game, nobody's opinion on here should be taken as hobby bible quotes. It's all fantasy, entertainment and posturing. Search for keyword "Screening" for your entertainment:
  13. info on Mz.Heyleigh Renee

    Shows how fairly easy and quick it is to "get a review" if this is who the OP is talking about (diff. spelling of provider name). And before this thread gets hijacked with the hall monitors bashing the OP for not looking.. please keep replies pertaining to the thread starter/subject.
  14. info on Mz.Heyleigh Renee