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  1. Making friends vs. being a loner

    I guess I'm a loner yet looking to connect, just don't know where to look. I'm married, have two children in in their 20's and feel I'm overlooked. I know it's mostly me and how I see myself and role I've played at home. I've been thinking more about getting a divorce yet afraid of the unknowns. Not to be a downer, and have had so many amazingly good moments with some denver providers!
  2. No Show Excuse

    for what it's worth, i had to cancel a first time appointment the day of with a provider because my dogs nose got swollen from a bite of some sort and needed to be seen by a veterinarian. i felt so horrible cancelling and took a picture just in case. the provider was understanding and we saw each other the following week.
  3. Hi TOB, I thought this was cool to watch and a fantastic idea. It has nothing to do with 99.9% of conversation here, but heck, has naked women and is hopefully, something completely different to view. Enjoy - blinky
  4. Public Service Announcement

    +1 Ember. I think the "soft & luxurious grove" to be the sexist!
  5. Uncircumcised Penis Funk

    Ricardo Montalban and the rich Corinthian Leather Cordoba. An old SNL did a parody with a rabbi performing a circumcision in the back seat of a Lincoln. Both funny stuff.