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  1. Hobby phone question

    I started doing all of these steps exactly about ten years ago and it has not failed me yet. I keep my phones 1-2 years then destroy them. The only tip I would add is never return any calls from people you don't know as they could be a trap. On one of my phones I received calls from a doctor's office about someone's test results. As much as I wanted to call back and just say "you've got the wrong number" I chose not to let anyone hear my voice in case they were trying to make a match. My personal preference has been TracFone and buying 90-day cards. The phone was $10 and the cards run $20 every 90 days. I've only ever srung for the flip phones and agree that texting is a PITA. Spend the money and go smart phone...
  2. Deep Throat

    This has to be the deepest I've ever seen! DAYUM: Meet The Deep Throat Queen!