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  1. question....

    I've had good experiences in this area. Generally, 10 - 15 minutes at the most is what I would give. Every ASP I have been with has been great. Either texting me to let me know they are running late and of course I reciprocate when I run into situations that are beyond my control and I'm going to be late. I always make sure to let the other person know. Everyone's time is valuable....communicate when you can't be on time. Very simple and a nice common courtesy.
  2. BP Ads

    Ah yes, all the English majors have become ASP's on BP. Very funny and I actually laughed out loud with a few of those. Thank you for the humor!
  3. Hobbying Before The Internet

    First time I did this was in San Diego in 1995 and found a local alternative newspaper in the restaurant I dined at for lunch. I was with an ASP by 3:00 pm. Very disappointing first time encounter. Yellow pages followed in major cities and then by 97 the internet had really started to kick in. All in all I think I saw two or three women between 95 and 97, all were disappointments....and then you find that diamond in the rough that just blows you away!