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  1. "Busty Asian Babe" - Colorado Springs

    I was checking her out as well, she's been posting for awhile? Maybe she's half Asian? TOFTT & let us know... I'm curious as well
  2. 411 on Luscious - Colorado Springs

    Saw her back in the day here in the Springs ... off of backpage back then. She looks like her pics, a little thick, the pics are a little old when she was thinner. No idea about the Tranny stuff?
  3. Is the OtherBoard all that's left?

    Not complaining ... just been out of the game for awhile & just noticed. Thanks for the constructive criticism ... I believe we're all adults here
  4. Is the OtherBoard all that's left?

    So been busy working my ass off & it seems the OtherBoard is the only site available with ads. Is that true? Maybe I'm missing something?
  5. Giselle COS

    I've been Checking her out as well ... let me know if you decide to TOFTT ... πŸ‘πŸΌ
  6. 411 on Lola Fierce from CO Spgs

    She is legit, I saw her awhile ago ... last year, she's sexy, professional, but NOT Full Service. So if you don't mind being teased ... lol πŸ˜‚
  7. Maria in COS

    Sorry Bradah' ... Have seen the ad but, No information on her.
  8. Anyone seen Boston.k.

    Well I guess addicted76 you can TOFTT? Had my fair share of doing that with not much luck or fun. πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ˜ SabrinaLynn ... Would love to spend some time with you 😘😊
  9. Anyone seen Boston.k.

    So ... Are you giving a recommendation or vouching for her?
  10. Anyone seen Boston.k.

    Was wondering the same ....
  11. Alright, Thanks. Just usually on the road on my IPad ... Kind of hard to do all the research on a IPad. Mahalo
  12. Porsha 720-689-8415 Colorado Escort Ok Bradah's, Anyone seen this one yet or is she TGTBT? tel:(720) 689-8415 Being cautious ... Don't want another disappointing experience ... Lol Mahalo _____________________________________________________cached Ad cached Ad BP Denver escorts June 21, 2016
  13. Heads Up 411 on BP Raven

    Thanks Kaduk! You're the Man! πŸ‘πŸΌ
  14. I had the same questions ... Never know with ads like that? Let me know what you find out Wannabebad.
  15. 411 on London COS

    Aww, yikes ... I'll take your advice! Mahalo Bradah
  16. London 719-208-5411 Colorado Escort Anyone seen this lovely yet? Or any info? She's posted on backpage for awhile off & on ... Appreciate it ... And Thanks in Advance! __________________________________________cached Ad cached Ad BP Colorado Springs escorts May 31, 2016
  17. 411 on Redd, COS?

    I'd be interested in knowing as well. She post pretty regularly on BP.
  18. looking to have fun in Utah

    Thank You Sir! Much Appreciated ... I leave Sunday afternoon, will do some recon
  19. 411 Jessica COS

    You are Awesome gr8owl! I have been following the reviews & 411's before I pull the trigger now πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ». Thank You Sir!
  20. looking to have fun in Utah

    Kaduk, any my info on providers in Salt Lake City? I'll be out there for work on the 22nd of this month, since the alcohol isn't like Colorado ... Lol 😝🍻. Any recommendations out there?
  21. 411 Ryleigh in Co Springs

    Ryleigh is legit! She's a nice person ... She's a thick girl so, if you're not into that? But YMMV ...
  22. 411 on Kiara COS

    Been curious about her myself, maybe you TOFTT & let us COS guys know Jeff? 😁✌🏼️
  23. Thanks gr8owl ... I'll pm you LiveEver, her reviews aren't very favorable or enticing at all. πŸ€”πŸ˜
  24. Brookebelle46 Colorado Escort Anyone ever seen this one? She post pretty regular on BP in COS. Number on the post: 2132759984 been curious about this one, just not sure without a review? Thanks Bradah's! πŸ˜ŽπŸ€”
  25. Stella 786-512-0902 Colorado Escort Anyone got any information on this one? Seen her on BP for awhile, just doing some homework. Can't search well on the Ipad so .... Please & Thank You