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  1. any info on Tessa

    I can't find that phone number on TER at all. Whatever hit you found is not the same chick. The "upscale men don't negotiate prices, they tip" photo? She's posting close to midnight? I'd be a no on this one.
  2. 411 on Lindsey (917)

    I'm going to be THAT GUY. For your consideration: Pictures taken with a USA Today in December and a couple from yesterday to prove they're recent. She seems to be trying hard to appear legit. She has 1 review on TER for Santa Fe BP, but I'm not paid on TER and the free review part only says "Great looking pictures. Picked her up at a mall and drove to her incall motel." Um... WTF? Googling her phone number turns up ads in a few other cities - Boston, Houston, Santa Fe, but they're not simultaneous so she could legitimately have been traveling. I really like her pictures but I just don't know. She's been in all these cities and nobody's reviewed?
  3. 411 on satisfaction GARUNTEED!

    Yet another reason to have a hobby phone. Is it just me or is "satisfaction guaranteed" a guarantee of nothing but a ripoff?
  4. Deep Throat

    Wish I knew. Years ago Louisa was the real deal but she's been retired a long time.
  5. 411 Riley

    Not Riley Stone, she's different Only interesting thing is that her phone # in your ad shows up TER reviews for Steph4177, maybe they work together?