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  1. How long do you prefer?

    Good point paying for a full hour with someone you don't connect with would not be great but 30 mins seems like a short period to get to know someone but the more ladies I visit the quicker I am able to tell if we will connect. Like if she doesn't have a vagina there might be a problem
  2. How long do you prefer?

    Of Appointments that is... 😄 I myself prefer my first visit to be an hour or more and then half an hour here and there. I just wondered what most people perfer. And ladies do you perfer one or the other? It seems more profitable for 30 mins but I don't know if I could handle that much business in a given day but who knows!
  3. Top 5 reasons men hire ASPs

    Honestly the reasons vary for everyone as someone who works 60 plus hours a week recently divorced and done playing games it's not only more time efficient for me but it costs less both financially and emotionally and fits my life style perfectly
  4. New To TOB...

    Welcome back to co! Let me know via pm when you start workin
  5. Deep Throat

    I'm fairly interested aswell and I don't care about the small or slender part how about just who gives the best DT all around?
  6. All about the that Race

    I went with other also, can I just have them all at once? Is that to much to ask?!
  7. I have to agree with this even though I'm still a semi newbie I wouldn't straight out ask. Be tactful just mention what you like if she seems receptive to it then go forward if not then just enjoy your time doing something else hell a good massage after can be even better than other round
  8. Intro and question about etiquette

    Thanks for the replies everyone just wanted to make sure before starting out. And yes I'm a stickler about being clean. Now to find a newbie friendly lady which shouldnt be to hard
  9. Intro and question about etiquette

    Thanks for the replies! Just wanted to make sure before starting my ventures in Denver. Anyone recommend someone newbie friendly around cenntinal? Thanks again
  10. Hello everyone! I'm Abit of a newbie/hobbyists just had a quick question I am a bigger man (358) ish and 6'4 do most ladies care or want to know this upfront? I am a very clean person basically a big teddy bear and wasn't sure anyways nice to meet you all! I will be lurking around i have read all the newbie guides and look forward to meeting some of you:)