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  1. P411

    Hunter, I just clicked your link from your profile here on TOB and it pulled up p411 with no problem (macintosh, using safari browser). Yes, this is an expired certification problem from the p411 side. Almost certainly will get fixed quickly.
  2. Bitcoin - what a nightmare!

    Just a followup. I went to to a bitcoin ATM today & made a deposit just as a test. I used "bitcoindepot" - only because it was in a gas station near me. I already have a bitcoin wallet I used, though the ATM offered to set one up for me. All the ATM needed was a phone number & email. Total transaction took 2 minutes. bitcoin showed up immediately in my CashApp account. Downside - 20% total fee was extracted from the transaction. That is a big hit. I looked around and "coin flip" ATM charge 7-10%. Looks like a way to get cash instantly into bitcoin, but depositing cash & buying bitcoin via almost any other venue will save you big fees.
  3. Bitcoin - what a nightmare!

    Not an expert here so hopefully someone else will chime in as well. You probably know you can buy bitcoin with cash at a bitcoin ATM. The fee can be hefty - 10-20% though. (google bitcoin ATM to find the lowest fees near you). That should be a very fast & simple option for you. Another idea works with CashApp. You can deposit cash to your cashapp account with your debit card & that would hopefully not trigger a freeze. (Bitcoin purchase likely looks suspicious to your debit card bank.) CashApp then easily allows you to purchase bitcoin within the app.
  4. Members you miss

    Lisa is back on p411. Just showed up a few weeks ago.
  5. Types of hobbying Injuries :)

    Shooting outdoor photos for a provider - no injury during the shoot other than a runner who ran across her posing nude & fell on his face. Unfortunately, there was poison ivy where we did some fantastic nude shots. There was a moderate amount of rash across her backside for a week. Ouch!
  6. Cash App Tutorial

  7. Private Delights

    I appreciate privatedelights as an ancillary site. They allow more information than TOB or p422. A huge plus is that it allows providers to set and broadcast their boundaries.
  8. Olivia

    I met with Olivia 2 years ago & had a fantastic time. She is certainly legit and has been active in the area for several years. She is current on p411. Phone may be dated. Her web site lists her as "Liv James".