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  1. Very intrigued by this. Thoughts?

    Hello, late to this post. Regarding the List Crawler / Alligator site, it is mostly made up of spam / fake posts. There are several legit providers on there. I’ve found many/most of the legit providers are also on sites that are not as fake infested. Check any post to see if there are reviews and/or comments noted about that ad/provider. You need to sign up to see reviews. Happy hunting.
  2. STG Uber petite 4’6

    Review posted.
  3. STG Uber petite 4’6

    Confirmed. Legit. Of age, lol. And fun. PM for deets.
  4. 719-642-0483 Colorado Companion Looking for any 411 on this one. Craving tiny, like <5’0” and came across her ad. Was thinking it was a scam as there are a ton of fake STG posts these days. But decent text convo and she claims really 4’6”. No QV options, which I prefer anyway. Anything out there on this one?
  5. New Girl, June COS

    Thanks for the recon and the reviews, gents. I've tried to connect with her a couple times, but after these reviews will find a way to make it happen!
  6. Violet Ray CS

    I tried to meet with her last week, but she wasn’t available before I left town. Will try again.
  7. Thanks Hwy, she’s on my radar as well. I’ll PM you.
  8. Violet Ray CS

    So, back to the original question, anyone have any recon on Violet? She’s on my short list so I may TOFTT but prefer any recon.
  9. Taking a break...for now.

    You’ll be missed. Do what’s best for you. For what it’s worth, it appears you were making a bit of a difference in the hobby and on this site. Peace bro.
  10. Honolulu?

    Hey, hope you have a good trip planned to O’ahu. So, I was there a few times last Jan/Feb. The site I found that was best there for insight is: Lot’s of info and insight there in the forums. It takes a bit to search but there are major forum topics. I joined that site and sent a few messages to different folks who posted. Massage parlors are big there. That was where I tried my first MP and it was pretty awesome. That is my plan for future visits. There are plenty of outcall options. BP was still up then, but now I think cityxguide lists ads. Happy hunting and safe travels.
  11. 411 on 646-485-8812

    I recall first seeing her ad with a UT area code. So that makes 3 different out-of-state area codes in a short time. Hmm. No biggie as she may use a web service like google voice of something. But a high frequency of changing numbers seems odd. She is a cutie.
  12. 411 in Breeze in COS

    Hello! Just saw your inquiry on Breeze. I saw her in Nov timeframe and just recently put up a review on eccie & TER. I'll add it to TOB soon as well. Let me know if you have any questions if you can't see those review details.
  13. What happen to

    Hi Nikki, it appears the main site may be down, but if you google 'eccie' and click one of the associated links listed under, that worked for me just now. Stay warm this weekend!
  14. Greetings

    Hello! Newer here to TOB and will post a review for [snip} soon. But wanted to introduce myself first. I live in CO and don't really hobby here much. My hobby activities take place when I travel. I'm on eccie and TER (same handle), so you can see my reviews there for other cities. I enjoy how much info is on this board, but also can get carried away reading. It is quite helpful to have the 411 posts. Most other sites don't have that. When will TOB pick up a few other states? Anyway, it's great to be here. Have fun and be safe! Steve