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  1. why do guys cancel after scheduling ?

    are we talking about nc/ns? Because that's different to me than booking and then not confirming or booking and then canceling. No call no show is confirm and have me dripping wet waiting. That might make me mad, if I hear nothing within 12 hours. But just a cancel or a fail-to-confirm? Nah.
  2. why do guys cancel after scheduling ?

    I always assume there is something going on in their lives that is beyond their control and they will get back with me when they are able. I try not to get irritated with cancels. Shit happens and ,hey, I might not be their top priority at the time. That's okay. Be cool, is what I try to live by. If a man just doesn't reply to a confirm, I do not hold the time.
  3. Dinner Dates

    Oh, I know you weren't saying it was greedy. I was referring to Chrissy's post. Every woman does this in her own way, of course.
  4. Dinner Dates

    I charge for my time. And I'm not being cute when I say that. My time is over-scheduled as it is. If a man wants a dinner date with me, that's more time. Time that I'm taking away from my work life, family life, or otherwise. I'm a companion - in and out of the bedroom. Charging for it is not greedy.
  5. A Question for the Providers.

    I have a career that has no regular hours, requires an inordinate amount of "off hours" time from me and generally takes up most of my life. No balance so I don't have a hard time explaining away my "meetings" or periods of time that I'm unavailable. However, I've only had one exclusive relationship in a handful of years, and during that (short) time, I don't know that I could've explained seeing people as Sascha. Probably could've but it would've been tough at times. Generally, though, if we haven't had a conversation during which we discuss exclusivity, I just date as I date. Paid or not. No one needs to be the wiser. Unless I'm approaching a relationship looking toward marriage, I'm lying.
  6. Dinner Dates

    When I "played" much more regularly, toward the end of that time, all of my dates were four hour or overnight dinner dates. I still do dinner dates - primarily with my very select handful of regulars, who I've known for years. We are truly friends at this point and it's just great to catch up, flirt, and add a little outside of the bedroom "foreplay" to things. We don't get to see each other that often so why not? It's hard for me to fit in that time these days (between my outside life, the preparation, and the actual date) but it's always, always fun when I do. If you find someone you enjoy, this really is the way to go...particularly if you really like that "connection" There are many men who only play this way. And many a provider who can meet you the first time and you think you've known each other for years. Try it! I think you'll like it.
  7. Women's opinion

    I've picked up on CL before. About 4 times. It's just easy and spontaneous. I post what I want, a picture, and I have 100 messages in no time. It's awesome. Probably too risky and ill-advised but sometimes, the mood strikes and I can be a risk taker. I'm not looking to schedule for a day from now. I want it when I post it. Otherwise, meh. I got other things going on.
  8. Body Type in Review section

    ...I totally have talked about that stuff. I have preferences and I don't know why it's wrong to talk about them. Generally, I don't find anything too wrong about this conversation or the fact that they are having it. From their perspective, I understand why confusion about body type in reviews is frustrating. If I've done my homework and I'm about to spend money, I want the body type that I want.
  9. Advertisement preference - minimalist or wordy

    True. Historically and currently, (it amazes me still how many men bring up my personality on this board) men see me because of my opinions and because I express them. My ads aren't verbose but everyone knows that I am. I don't know very many men here or otherwise who don't want a woman with a little bit of personality in bed with them.
  10. Advertisement preference - minimalist or wordy

    I'm sorry, but ladders are never fun to fuck. Couldn't resist! You made me laugh this AM with that visual! *kisses*
  11. It must be sweeps week - 9News; Roommates with Benefits = Prostitution

    Well, it must be the circles we run in. My female friends are forever dating men who don't have jobs or have crap jobs, sit around playing video games all day, borrow money, can't keep jobs. Having been on the dating scene for a while now - it seems many more women have their shit together than men! Very frustrating. My friends have incredible careers and make good money. You should hang out with women who and stuff. There are a ton of them out there. Maybe it will change your perspective.
  12. Santa Fe

    And you must try Ten Thousand Waves. Nude bathing=Awesome.
  13. It must be sweeps week - 9News; Roommates with Benefits = Prostitution

    Right. Because I'm a hooker sometimes. I must bring that hooker paradigm in to all aspects of my life. I couldn't possibly have relationships that exist outside of it for reasons other than money. For a supposed psychologist, you sure are cynical and blind to the expansive nature of people and their motivations and character. I can be a hooker and be motivated by money here. And I can be a wife and be motivated by building a family, loving a man from a very true and pure loving place, sharing the growth of a partnership with him... that has nothing to do with money. People...even women...are capable of an amazing array of motivations. Your cynicism is sad.
  14. It must be sweeps week - 9News; Roommates with Benefits = Prostitution

    Your writing and ability to support your point doesn't transcend middle school, was my point. For every anecdote you have... Sorry, your life experience, while I'm sure it matters, doesn't a whole culture make.
  15. It must be sweeps week - 9News; Roommates with Benefits = Prostitution

    I was joking. Hey...I'm a woman. FYI. "Our" society is so full of shit about women? I stopped writing things about 'our society' when I turned in my last middle school essay. (these little flags in your writing really make me think you are 15- nevermind your thought process) Most get 'purchased'?? That's such shit. I am here so I do what I do. But that's here. I'd never be able to live a sham married life just for money. And if I can do this, but not that, I'd bet "most" women couldn't either. Some can. Just like some men can live paying for a sham life. But most people can't. Most people want the real thing.