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  1. Deposits
  2. Hobby Phone becoming an issue

    I find it interesting that a "throw away phone" is OK. But an app on your phone isn't. Hmmm.
  3. Restaurant Recommendations - Lunch

    With out lard? Blasphemy!!!
  4. Education

    Sometimes a provider's link to their P411 account is viewable by non members. Other times it is not. Thankfully I became a life member back in 2010.
  5. Members you miss

    A couple of years ago a provider informed me a provider I knew took her own life due to bulling. I have the same thought. May that person burn in hell.
  6. Wondering why women aren't advertising being vaccinated?

    The fear being spread is the "D" variant is highly contagious and that the country needs to go into a total lockdown. The original covid19 was also reported to be "highly contagious". If one were to look at the numbers from the CDC, the "death rate" of death with people that had covid19 is between 1.5-2%. But, what the numbers don't show is how many are "from" covid19 and those that dies "with" covid19. Everyone was reported to have died "from" of covid19. That is just not the case. A friends 92 year old uncle by marriage passed away this past spring. He was diagnosed as having covid19 before his death. He was never on a ventilator or other assistance. His death was labeled a "coved19" death. No, the mans body finally caught up with his mind. He had been ready to die for over 1 year. All his friends/family of the same age group where gone. He was at peace and ready for the next stage. If one adds in the fact that it is believed that there are 10x the number of people that have covid19 than those that are diagnosed, the death rate is drastically. lower. One radio show the other day said the death rate was 0.008. I can not find a paper to support this number. But I don't doubt is it close.
  7. Wondering why women aren't advertising being vaccinated? As of 6/30/21, the numbers do not support the fear the media is spreading.
  8. Is there a way that providers review clients

    It would be silly to not have your account set to send you an email when someone sends a request. But, some people might have missed that box. A number of years ago I called a lady in Denver to set up a meeting. She was at the grocery store with friends/family. I could tell she was having issues with talking. So I just asked if it would be better to call later. She said yes and thanked me. Had a wonderful time with her a week later. From that point, I prefer to use email to set up meetings. Even with known friends. Talking on the phone can happen later. But when time in on your side, emails avoid and real world issues.
  9. Is there a way that providers review clients

    When someone sends a appointment request, do you get bells, whistles and fireworks notifying you of the request when you sign in? Or do you have to hunt around to see that you received one?
  10. Is there a way that providers review clients

    Doubtful. A lot of flackiness going on around these parts. As a P411 member, you know the appointment request requires a specific day/time to be entered. She was quick to reply when, after day 3, I told her that I had made other plans for the day. ETA: others on the board complain that they can't give away a donation to legit providers. Lot's of "gift card" ads though.
  11. Is there a way that providers review clients

    I have had several no responses this past week also. Not in Denver though. Emails and P411 message. And I can see that she signed into P411 2 times.
  12. Oh my God....not again....

    Hunter Bidden lied on a firearms purchase form. The form ask if you are a habitual user of illegal drugs. He answered NO. When at the time he was a habitual user. That is a criminal offences, a felony. If the government does not enforce the current laws, why should there be new laws enacted? Here is the form Hunter Bidden lied on: The statement on this form is
  13. Oh my God....not again....

    Hunter Bidden should be charged and placed in prison for lying on his application of a gun purchase
  14. Name change

    Interesting deflection. You said if very well in your 1st post, that you were not Care to direct those playing along at home which post you response to Chicago. NY City had a huge death toll this weekend, 50 people shot. Should a discussion on Atlanta GA happen? Finally the Mayor of Atlanta is speaking straight after a mob "guarding" the burned down Wendy's restaurant opened fire on a car killing an 8 year old black girl. I have long thought that Rev Al was a charlatan. I stumbled upon a quote from Booker T Washington (1911) last month that I believe sums up the good Rev. I learned this Sunday morning of the new racist term the black community has for white people. CBS Sunday Morning contributor Nancy Giles used them often. "Nancy" and "Chad". Looks like these are the replacement for Honkey and Cracker. Shameful the CBS allowed this to be aired.
  15. Name change

    This must be the rational as to why there is no national outrage in the BLM ranks for the weekly slaughters in the city of Chicago. Will Rev Al attend these funerals?