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  1. What is "new 69 style"

    Thank you. Thats what I thought. It actually came from adult search ad's.
  2. What is "new 69 style"

    On several ad's I have seen the term "new 69 style." What is this? Weirdly google search turns u nothing except urban dictionary which says it is con but does not say how it is.
  3. Updates or info Colorado Companion Anyone recently try Adult Search? Is it real? The most recent comment about Adult Search is from 2018. All those old comments mention a join fee, there is no longer any join fee. Now join for free, and then you have free access to the providers phone numbers. I am hesitant because free is usually too good of a deal, lol.
  4. Anyone have luck with the sugar daddy sites?

    +7 years sugar daddy. Upside, maybe 1 out of 10 girls are real and want to meet and get a long term relationship going, and you are competing against a lot of guys for these few girls. Downsides. Much more expensive then a pro - same price plus dinner and gifts, plus a first meeting or two. #metoo movement means any of these"innocent" girls can have you arrested for rape or assault ("he followed me into the parking lot".) SA's servers are in Hong Kong, it will be your word against hers. Pro's who advertise can't really do this. Blackmailers will track you down and demand monthly payments or they tell all your social media contacts. Happened to me 3 times, 2 of them called my wife. 9 out of 10 girls are scammers, or just wasting time or playing games - gonna take you many of hours to find a real girl. I've had 14 sugar babies, and several dozen "almost" sugar babies - they are all damaged, many have deep psychotic issues - you think healthy happy girls go on these sites? There are no beautiful university co-eds on this site - seriously, you believe that??? Most of the media you have read is created by the SA marketing team that plants stories. The pro's on this site are at best "Back Page" cheap and kind of amateur. . You get real desperate amateur girls on this site, a bad experience and possibly dangerous (they decide its rape.) Due to police and lawsuits, SA is heavily advertising that it is a dating site - sex is not part of it, so there are all these girls who think you'll pay them $500 to have dinner and that's it. Due to age check, the number of under 21 girls is a tiny fraction of what it was a year ago. SA now immediately bans users for any compliant, no refunds. Girl gets pissed at you, goodby. Pro gets worried about you reporting her - goodbye. Took me 3 weeks of the above to find a perfect 19 year old girl (I'm 56.) I'm seeing her 2 or 3 times a week, I'm paying her rent and bills. She has issues, but I am helping her work them out. Its a romantic emotional relationship. Far more time consuming and far more expensive - but that is what I want, so I am happy. Pro tip, never use your real number, never use a photo that is anywhere on social media.
  5. 411 on SweetAileen

    Any info on SweetAileen? Shes advertising on todays TOB escort ads Asian Beauty. , She also has a P411 so she seems legit