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  1. "Extra" service at a strip club?

    Young pretty babe at Players club in Denver just stuck her tits in my mouth, then pulled her t back to the side and had me lick her clit for a min or two. oh yea she grabbed my cock and worked it thru my jeans as well.... might not be considered extras but was fun as hell.
  2. "Extra" service at a strip club?

    I used to get extra service at a strip club in Dallas "Deja Vu" bbj fingering cowgirl etc. that place was wild as hell but this was in the 90's everything now days is just the old bump and grind I suggest take a look at EB and pick out someone you like. A lot easier on the pocket book and no hangover RED
  3. 411 on Angie

    I've seen her. No frills, nice body...like others said 3g's RED
  4. Strip Club Recommendations

    Players club can get hot in the little private dance room. Small area so the dances are up close and personal....My recommendation is to buy your favorite girl a drink or two first...chat her up...then get her in the private dance room. I have gotten tits in the mouth and a finger in the chooch several times. Rock on RED
  5. 411 Lynn in the springs

    Posted under "huge hooters college girl" don't have the link, any info ?
  6. Just curious......

    6 months eh ? I give this guy another six weeks and he will be drunk and high again. You have to change everything of your old self to stay sober. I know I got some days as well. Not saying he should deny himself an asp now and again but a party with that kinda of money ....sobriety cant last in those situtations. But maybe as a one time deal ? GO FOR IT DUDE !
  7. 411 Penny

    Damn no utf ? rats
  8. 411 Penny

    http://denver.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/new-take-a-wild-ride-with-sweet-penny-recent-pics-23/14063661 Looks legit from Long Island. anyone meet her yet ? you can PM me if shy. Love dem russian blondes !
  9. do you send email via backpage

    Just had some luck doing just that. I let the asp know I was going to be in the Springs on Friday and if she had 30 mins to see me. I'll be damn she replied and sent me the time and place. Joined her for some good time. Money was never mentioned, I just gave her what I thought was fair for the session and she said thanks. By the email we sent know one would ever know what took place. She could have been selling me anything. I think I will use this feature on Backpage again. Dred
  10. do you send email via backpage

    Some BP ads have a click here to send a provider a email. Do you use this function? Is it secure ? could it be trouble ? I have used it and rarely get any response. Just wondering what consensus is. -RED
  11. What Do You Think of the New Shotguns?

    d just dropped by yesterday.....nice and clean place to take in the sights. many tight corners for some friendly twerking. One of the best strip joints in the Denver area. No buffet anymore, but decent kitchen. Enjoy !
  12. Any legit way to separate the whores and internet scammers from the lonely house wife that just wants to get fucked ? Interested in your past experience and advice.
  13. Testosterone

    andro gel gives me more energy...but if your looking for a better boner try viagra
  14. Best Bar or Club to find easy fun in Denver?

    you might get lucky at one of the titty bars in town but you will spend more than just getting a gal of of eb good luck
  15. I live in Littleton and would like any additional info on this ginger. If worried bout shilling, just PM me RED