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  1. Girls, why not couples?

    You're a bad, bad girl
  2. Girls, why not couples?

    My guess is some girls who don't care for working with couples charge more of a premium, others who do charge less. It's a bit frustrating because few publish their couples rate, so I have to spend a lot of time making phone calls to weed out possibilities. BTW, I'm not buying the "twice the work" argument. One person is only capable of so much work per hour, correct? So to say you're putting out twice the work is the same as saying that for a single, you're only at 1/2 maximum productivity Sorry for the nuanced logical case, just how my mind works. Now if you charge more simply because you want to or don't much like doing couples, than just say so. Yes, I'm lucky to have a wife who wants to join. But a bit unlucky at the same time, it is making the process of finding a girl to work with much more difficult. And all the $600-$800/hr rate quotes I'm getting are starting to give my wife cold feet.
  3. Girls, why not couples?

    I actually don't understand at all why many charge double for couples, can't think of any other profession that works that way. Saying it's twice the work is the same as saying they only work 1/2 as hard for just one person, either you're giving it your all or you're not.
  4. 20 Year Old Virgin Posting

    Even better would be if she was advertising Greek only so she could keep her virginity
  5. I was just hoping some of the ladies here could chime in on a question. I'm fortunate to have a beautiful wife who when asked "what do you think about seeing an escort together", said hell yeah! So major first step down ... Now 2nd major step, finding someone who caters to couples. So my question, why wouldn't a provider who is open to seeing girls as well as men, not be open to couples? Is there some question of 'logistics' I'm not getting here?
  6. 1912 Brothel Menu

    Not sure I could handle Pinkey's Special?
  7. New Girl Seeking Recommendations

    I've done hundreds of websites over the years. All websites are about delivering the information needed in the most efficient way. For an escort that's simple, the info you're wanting to deliver is minimal. It's all about good pictures and answering a few questions, rates, scheduling, basic FAQ stuff. As a Pro Photographer myself, ask yourself when looking at ads - what separates the girls asking $$$ vs ones asking $? Lots of quality pictures, find a photographer you can work with and spend a few weeks taking shots in different lighting, settings, outfits, and you in different moods.
  8. I took a chance, asked my wife if she would want to join. Turned out to be a very smart move on my part!
  9. Help: Newbie to TOB

    And couples friendly! Will have to show your pictures to my wife
  10. Introduction, and help needed

    Reading between the lines, I guess the answer is nobody wants to name favorites in public ... I can appreciate that. I'll just have to do my own homework. But since you in Denver have the excellent review database, it makes things much easier. Thanks especially for replies Justina and Megan. And I agree Megan, why would there be any dues to pay other than price of admission? If expectation was that n00b's have to suffer through their share of dogs, then I'd just say fuck it and go on with my life as is. Reason why I'm considering a threesome, when I get back home it's slim pickins! My week-long biz trip to Denver every year is the best opportunity to make it happen.
  11. Introduction, and help needed

    I'm new here, and about as green as they come. I've never been with a provider, but thinking now is the time. I have a business trip coming up to Denver, and your websites are an incredible resource for browsing the options! Where I live, options are few. I have spent the last week looking at all the ads on escortboards, reading the reviews on TOB, and now my head is spinning! I'm hoping the hive can help me narrow things down to a list of home run hitters! I have one shot at this, and hope to get it right. Here's the first issue, being first time I have no references. But can easily prove who I am. I need a girl who will work with me regarding verification. What I'm looking for? I would just love a threesome, but might be asking for to much on the first time. I like thinner/athletic figures, spinner types. I want the GFE, and a pretty face with nice smile goes a long way to feeling that connection. I'm sure I'll be nervous, so need a girl who won't rush, and will take the time to get me settled down before getting to business. I'm not asking for a comprehensive list, just hoping for some help from the locals on narrowing down my options. I apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong place, or didn't follow proper forum etiquette.