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  1. Has Belle Blooms resurfaced?

    Its ok with me, LegalEagle is a trusted long time client. He has given and helped many people here on the TOB.
  2. What's this a 411 from Crazy Horse...

    Being Lakewood, you might want to look elsewhere!!lol
  3. Lingerie Preference ?

    My fantasy date would be what a girl would wear on a date. Love to see her in a dress sexy lingerie, maybe with nylons and a garter belt. Maybe she would do a nice, sexy strip- tease as well. Also, love to girls in what they wear when out shopping, such as ponytail with a ball cap, shorts and a nice top.
  4. Ladies...ever been "stiffed"!?

    I never use envelopes either. I also will fan it out a little bit for easy counting as well. The provider can then glance at the donation and mentally count it. One of the other things I will generally do, is to give her $50 in smaller bills (2 $20 & 1 $10) for example. That way if she has to stop & get gas or something, they will have the money to pay for it. Sometimes trying to break a $100 can be difficult.
  5. Pussy tattoos

    I agree that I am also not a fan of tat's. That being said, I think one of worse were those that Michelle had (Britfany's ex-wife, girlfriend and slut).
  6. Anyone remember Becca?

    Yes, I remember Becca, I believe the other 2 girls were Allie and Tiffany. When I saw Becca, her incall place was off of W 38th Ave in Denver. That was several years ago and yes she finished the massage with fs. Lovely girl, and I wish she was still around.
  7. FBSM - real massage then....

    Your best bet is to checkout the reviews. Find a girl who meets your qualifications and give her a call, to see if she accepts your references.
  8. I would recommend looking at the "international sex guide forum" to find your second country.
  9. She may have gotten stumped on the question. But, at least she wasn't branded (like they do for cattle) like MIss West Virginia was. lol:D
  10. I think it would be kind of creepy if a ASP showed up in a diaper. lol However, I do know it is a very popular fetish around. I would think both the client and the ASP would have agree on this before said appointment.
  11. Got Fake Money! :/

    This is about the 3rd counterfeit thread we have had in the last couple of years. If anyone is interested, Sams Club has a counterfeit dectector machine available for under $30.00. Might be a good investment when talking about $50 or $100 bills. It is fairly small to haul around in a bag or suit case.
  12. Whats really dumb is that the only way the cops knew he was paying for sex is because he or the lady told them. Never talk to the police, period. You bet, just talk to Denny Neagle about that!
  13. It will be "fantastic", if you let it be fantastic. Happy New Year everyone!
  14. Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas everyone!!! May all your dreams come true in the up coming year. I hope you find your boyfriend Adelle. Destiny, I know you are now out shopping for last minute gifts since the the world didn't come to an end on Friday, lol
  15. New to Denver

    Welcome, what a awesom web site. Loved your pictures. Hope you have a wonderful time here in Denver.