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  1. Glass or Plastic for dildo material?

    It is recommended to use silicone, if you can also choose the heating function and color! Recommend a purple dildo: Upturnet-GLACK-Realistic-dildo.html
  2. Orgasm or Not?

    Hahahahaha, I suddenly thought of a little. We often see women who perform Kegel training to keep their vaginas tight. Are there any women who do mouth/tongue exercises for oral sex? I see that there are many multi-functional blowjob strokers on the market, so I wonder if any women are doing mouth/tongue training at this point?
  3. Young people are having much less sex

    Do not. Most young people in Japan have entered a state of asexuality. This may be caused by social pressure? Or other social influences? Of course, data from pornographic websites shows that the number of viewers has not declined. Does this indirectly mean that the sexual desire of young people is still there? Just didn't meet the right person? Or has it caused aesthetic fatigue to the current people? In my opinion, if there is a suitable person or time, or even a sex toy , I will choose. So the probability of a decline in libido is probably a myth
  4. Things that you enjoy doing

    Hahahahahaha! ! ! I like sex. Whether I use a toy or a woman, I like the feeling of the moment when the semen comes out! ! This is a sex toy website that my female partner and I often browse. We often buy some toys on it, which is great! !
  5. Squirting

    Have you experimented with using sex toys make women spray water? Or do you always let women spray water during sex? ?
  6. Most desired toys?

    I believe you definitely need a magic wand. That is a great legend.
  7. Sex toy Like a cute elf, it looks so loving!