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  1. headed to seattle

    didnt even know switter was a thing. gracias.
  2. headed to seattle

    headed to seattle and looking for a few ideas on fun seattle/kirkland area. last visit I had limited time and was surprised to find it difficult to find anyone (haven't been so active since BP/craigslist shut downs)...couple AMPs turned out to be self serve which wasn't what I was looking for. couple providers were used to amazon and microsoft money which isn't what I have....I'd love to be able to afford a $700 date, but no. ideas where to look if not specifically who to look for?
  3. Kayla in cheyenne bp

    Falls into the usual too good to be true
  4. Kayla in cheyenne bp

    Her post or mine? I put the np link right there on the bottom. Her post links to bustykayla.com
  5. Busty kayla Wyoming Escort Searching her phone i get nada. Any info? http://wyoming.backpage.com/WomenSeekMen/seductive-busty-blonde/3695693
  6. what are your favorite pornstars?!?

    Yup....id do naughty naughty things for her.
  7. what are your favorite pornstars?!?

    Maryjane johnson
  8. Just wanted to say hello.

    Hello and welcome. Truly lovely gallery on your website.
  9. Colorado Escort Who is good for tuma these days? Seems like some of the ones offering have gone.
  10. Amandalove303

    Why's it always gotta be that way with the ones that most get my hopes up...
  11. Amandalove303 720-923-8862 Colorado Escort Just caught Amanda's ad right here on tob. No reviews I can find, no results in Google I can find. Any info? is there any verification of ads here? Is the ad any mark of credibility?
  12. TS Experience

    Your firm belief has just derailed the thread without adding anything useful. If ever there is a place where it doesn't matter What someone wants and someone else is willing to do it is TOB, no?
  13. Cheyenne wy?

    Are there good times to be had in Cheyenne? I know some providers hee go there, but it seems pointless for me to be here, you to be her and U.S. To meet there. Are there any providers IN Cheyenne? And I know nobody wants to disclose too much so a pm is fine, are thee any amp offerings in Cheyenne that have a happier end result than others?
  14. Client Visiting Denver - Qs from a dude

    Seems like there was discussion of a short notice option on p411 (available now I think it is). Seems difficult to me. I often have a free hour I didn't know I was going to have that I'd like to fill and I'm often unable to do so.