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  1. Lu & Yenn from 786-377-4767 Colorado Companion I've had hit and miss luck with Eros lately. I'm wondering if anyone has had a chance to meet either Lu or Yenn from Eros (or both as they offer duo service as well). Lu Yenn they've offered a very nice package deal with GFE service, but i'm the type whose mind immediately wonders TGTBT?
  2. Ava 775-843-8886 Colorado Companion Has anyone seen Ava? She looks so familiar but I cannot place her.
  3. Khloe from Eros

    So she ended up calling me on Duo. Knock out gorgeous and completely matches her photos. But very flaky about setting an appointment and completely noncommittal regarding her rates. I was just hoping somebody had seen her and could let me know whether it's even worth continuing to pursue or if I'm even in the right ballpark with her donation.
  4. Khloe from Eros

    Khloe/Celine 469-354-5417 Colorado Companion Has anyone had a chance to see Khloe (also goes by Celine)? She seems to be in and out of town quite a bit, so schedules just haven't aligned yet.
  5. 411 on Arielle

    Arielle 719-370-6225 Colorado Companion Has anyone had the chance to meet Arielle? I've had my eye on her this past year but haven't pulled the trigger since I don't normally go for outcall. No record her on TOB or on TER for her number. Any info would be appreciated.
  6. Vegas, Baby!

    I haven't used twitter in years. what would be the appropriate tags to search?
  7. XOC

    Can any comment on the typical donation for providers from this service?
  8. Vegas, Baby!

    Thank you both. I've been holding off on erotic review for some time. Private delights is hit or miss, but can be good if the provider actually fills in her menu and no list
  9. Vegas, Baby!

    The posibility of Nevada Companion Hey, I'm not sure if the overlords will let me post here since this isn't specific to a provider. The other forum threads are typically old and not really viewed. I'm going to Vegas for the first time next week. Sadly, not many Vegas providers use TOB. My other typical sites either do not have reviews (Eros) or have a serious lack of detail (PD) regarding services. I've learned to trust and appreciate the feedback from Colorado gang, so I thought I'd ask advice here. Anybody have sites for vegas they like or contacts for specific providers they'd recommend in Sin City? Feel free to hit me with a DM if you prefer. Thanks, BH
  10. 411 on Sasha

    Sasha 702-748-7416 Colorado Companion Has anyone had a chance to visit Sasha? Looks to be a Vegas girl here through wednesday. but I cant find any history for her.
  11. 411 on Lauren

    I've been in contact with her early in August but she said she was just leaving town. I contacted her again when I saw her ad this weekend. It's a bit puzzling. When I asked her where I could find reviews, she sent me two screenshots from her friend Katie's account who is also apparently in town. She claimed that she did not have an account at that time and was simply piggybacking her friends account. I'm not sure what to make of that. It definitely gave me pause. She says this is her last stop before going back to Brazil with her friend.
  12. Victoria from eros

    I'm not yet familiar with TNA and couldn't find her reviews there yet. Could you send a link?
  13. Victoria from eros

    Victoria 719-256-0780 Colorado Companion Has anyone seen Victoria?
  14. 411 on Cassandra from Eros

    I don't have the VIP membership, but I did the gist from your note
  15. Cassandra 719-644-3584 Colorado Companion Has anyone have a chance to meet Cassandra? She has a Colorado phone number but I can't find any history on her or reviews