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  1. "Sign Pic"

    why would you think it would "count out being LE?" Just curious. If LE will go through the hassle of putting an ad on BP and sometimes even dressing the part to stroll down the street - snapping a pic or two doesn't seem that out of context IMO
  2. Where are the AMP's with attractive girls in Colo Springs?

    Nevermind I figured it out
  3. Where are the AMP's with attractive girls in Colo Springs?

    what the heck is an AMP?
  4. Provider email response

    I try to note on all the sites that I advertise that email is NOT the best way to communicate with me and that I really prefer text over any other form of communication. I still list my email address; however, I state it may be days or weeks before I respond. I simply don't check emails that often and when I do - unfortunately, I waste significant time weeding out the bullshit spam, get-rich-quick, or phony FBI scams that always seem to take over my inbox LOL xoxo
  5. Discrimination

  6. Real Name First & Last

    Unfortunately, longevity in the biz or even "reputation", do not make a big difference in risk. I cannot go into any real detail but not very long ago a well-known; well-liked; and well-established provider rolled and used what information she had for her own personal gain. I don't blame the guys for not feeling comfortable sharing their personal information and I don't blame the gals who are uncomfortable seeing them either. We each have to operate within our own boundaries and take the risks we are willing to take.
  7. How to Keep (or Lose) me as a P411 Customer

    So if I understand this correctly - you saw her pictures and from her pictures you expected her to say she was 27 or 28. So she apparently looks 27 or 28? What is the problem if she is 47 or 58 - if she can pull off 27 then all the power to her! I am confused at what your complaint is all about. Now on the other hand, if she is claiming to be 27 and in reality she looks nothing like her photos but rather appears to be 20 years older than advertised - that's different. But again, from reading your post that does not seem to be the case. ???
  8. Whats up with the "tude"

    Now now...I was a stripper once upon a time...
  9. Motel Six?

    I have friends in the hotel industry from the fleabag hotels to the high-end downtown establishments. They all do warrant checks with the local police. Some are more "into it" than others but they all partake in this to some extent. Some provide a list of guest's name to police. Other's agree to allow LE to patrol their parking lots and check the plates of the guest's cars, etc. Bottom line, if you are wanted and would rather not go to jail today - put the room in someone else's name. Motel 6 has been doing this for years - not sure why it's just now making the news.
  10. Got to ask about this one.

  11. Now I know I must have's 2 am and I just read all 7 pages of that thread LOL Goodnight all! Muah! xoxo
  12. Thanks everyone.

    I've been struggling with what words to use that will accurately express what I would like to say and I hope that any of this comes out as intended. First, I want to thank you for sharing this most private and personal time of your life with us. Your bravery, acceptance, and the overall strength you convey is simply amazing to me and although I have never met you, I am certain that you will be greatly missed. This world could use many more gentleman like yourself. God bless you and thank you again. xoxo
  13. My Stay

    Hi Lilly! The management at the Extended Stay formerly called The Homestead on the NW side of Belleview and Quebec frequently scans through the ads on BP and will call your room and ask you to leave if they recognize you in any of the provider advertisements. It is probably safe to assume that they are aware of other sites besides BP and therefore, I would avoid that hotel.
  14. I say - ask. Granted a good number of providers will shut you down; label you LE; and otherwise refuse to see you if you ask for such specific clarity but I for one see nothing wrong with it. My logic tells me that if LE has already found me and my contact information on a website titled "Escortboards" ...its a little late to be fretting over msog clarification questions. LOL