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  1. Rocky Mountain corridor...

    Rocky Mountain corridor Colorado Companion Haven't seen many providers this year up in the mountains. Anyone passing through there for Super bowl Weekend? Or anyone usualy in the Summit County area? ORRRR willing to come up from Denver? Will be fun..
  2. To accommodate and/or consider Colorado Companion Staying near Breck and near Vail many weekends and weekdays on the hill. I used to be every weekend and it seemed like always a providor in the area. Anyways I know we have the rockies section but to speak on my experience, in my opinion only 1-2 who are ready to book all the way up there . So curious if there was a topic on it or if ladies here, do once in a while not only ski, but engage in aspes ski activities. Or just regularly ski for the day as polite friends. With just a glass of wine at altitude after a hot day on the mountain though, its the place to be for great conversations and very good tips. Would love to heard from some of you this season and be able to plan to come see you or visit me in a nice relaxed relaxed ski condo anytime this season. Thanks! Anyways, hope to hear from some of you..