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  1. Any referrals Nevada Companion I’m heading to Vegas in a few weeks and would love to find a reliable provider. I’ve had great luck here (Colorado) on TOB but have learned this seems to be the only real active location. I don’t trust other websites and can’t ever really decipher what’s real, what’s fake, etc in Vegas. Does anyone have anyone they would recommend? Feel free to PM me with ideas if it’s not something appropriate to post here. thanks for any help anyone can provide.
  2. Does anyone have a Vegas referral?

    Lusty….., I’m perfectly fine with ladies over 40, I’m over 40 and can appreciate the experience they bring to the table! I’m looking for someone that provides a GFE. Someone with curves is great if you know anyone I could contact and share references? thanks for everyone’s input!
  3. Does anyone have a Vegas referral?

    I love the idea, I only wish my pockets were deep enough to pull that off!
  4. Recommendations on providers who provide references

    Thank you all for the info as I am in a similar situation without references. Been hobbying elsewhere and looking to find the right few regular providers here in North Denver and Northern Colorado. I am very excited as there seem to be so many great ladies in the area!