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  1. She looks attractive, but man these prices are getting out of control. You could see a famous pornstar for what this girl is asking for a 1-hour incall!
  2. 411 on Nautica

    Did you get any additional info on this girl, or try to contact her? I’d be interested in the 411 too!
  3. Monica Fantasy

    I mean, that's pretty safe, but there are legit and safe providers elsewhere too. Just need to watch for the hallmarks of a fake post/scam. If you Google search the phone number in her RR ad, it links to postings all over the country, which tells you all you need to know about whether "Monica" is real. How could she simultaneously be in Atlanta, Washington DC, and Denver? Yet the same ad has posted in all three locations this week. But yeah, when in doubt, TOB really is the safest option.
  4. Monica Fantasy

    OP, where did you find this link in the first place? It's super fishy and reeks of a scam--there's no indication on the website of where Monica is--certainly no mention of Denver or Colorado. She could be anywhere! Or nowhere! Also, her "Qualification" page shows a "Nuru Certification" from the AMTA; I highly doubt that they issue a certificate for Nuru. And a massage provider with those certifications is likely to charge a lot more than Monica's listed prices. Then she's asking for a deposit when you contact her? Super sketchy, IMO. There's always a chance she's legit, but I'd approach this one with extreme caution.
  5. Best BBBJ in Denver

    I understand that with a few days' stubble this could be irritating, but what about an actual beard--are those a problem too, or okay because the hairs are longer and therefore softer?
  6. AMP teviews

    Yeah, the AMP scene here in Denver mostly sucks, and it's gotten worse since I moved here a few years ago. Prices and tip expectations have gone up, service has gone down, and the quality of the providers has become consistently low. You'd pay less for a lot better service from a more attractive and/or more skilled provider in NYC than almost anywhere I've found here in Colorado.
  7. Lulu Star

    I'm not sure $1,200 an hour qualifies under TGTBT--those are approaching famous pornstar rates. She's probably an OF girl who is willing to accept dates for those prices, if anyone is willing to pay them. But we probably can't know for sure unless someone TOFFT.
  8. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    Really? I've had only good experiences with the booker; super responsive, efficient, and friendly in my experience. What happened to you that was so terrible?
  9. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    Welcome to the site! And I agree about Ji Soo--she's amazing and I hope she returns soon!
  10. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    Does anyone have any info or insight for Mago or Sora?
  11. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    I had an AMAZING time with Diva (Ji Soo) today. It was just a mind-blowing experience, like one of my top-3 experiences ever in this hobby. There's a slight language barrier but it did not hinder our activities at all. Diva is VERY attractive and simultaneously sweet and enthusiastic. I seriously developed a crush on her, like I'm back in middle school or something. She's only here for a few more days but if you're on the fence at all I highly recommend her; I'll be first in line to see her again if she comes back to Denver. Everything about GirlsOffices as an organization is top notch. Super communicative and easy booking process, the apartment is very nice and comfortable, the ladies seem great...I give both Diva and GO the highest possible marks. I'm definitely planning to become a regular.
  12. 411 on GirlsOffices's Denver Asian cuties

    In addition to Ivy and Diva, the website shows that Vivian Lee is available during evenings for an increased rate. Has anyone seen Vivian? Is she worth the premium price? General comments are great here but please send me some details by DM if you've seen her or have any info. Thanks!
  13. Hi All, I've just been curious about this lately--I've seen several providers' listings or websites recently that require that initial contact include a "real" phone number and not one from a burner phone or extra-number app. Why does this matter? Does it really increase a providers' ability to screen or confidence in a potential client when they use a "real" number instead of a burner-app number? I'm just having a hard time figuring out why this would have an effect on things, and why it's worth the loss of discretion that seems to be supplied by temporary/burner phone numbers--wouldn't using those make it safer and leave less of a "paper trail" for both the client and the provider? Just to make it clear, I'm not complaining or trying to convince anyone to bend their rules or anything--providers can set whatever screening/contact requirements they want and client should always respect those standards. I'm just genuinely curious and trying to learn.
  14. Hi I’m new here

    Welcome to the Board! I think you'll find a very welcoming and helpful community here. Don't be afraid to participate!
  15. An educational article written about TOB

    What a joke of an "article." It's presented as if it's actual academic research but there's literally no analysis or science of any kind in it. It's just "I looked at this board and read some stuff and here is one example that kind of supports my pre-existing agenda." The author added no real insight or anything. Just terrible writing on every level. It's bad even for an intern. Of course, none of that falls on Caressa, who admirably found this and pointed it out to us. It is interesting whenever anyone outside of this community notices this board and it's certainly noteworthy whenever anything brings attention here. But man, this article literally says nothing.