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  1. Donation question

    This has happened to me too. I just try to honor system it. Pay the price advertised at the time I really chose to schedule. Try mentioning the ad when you book. So something like "saw you on EB, let's have a date" so when you pay the EB price she's aware of what you're doing.
  2. Last minute cancel by ASP

    +1 I've been cancelled on with [no] notice a couple times. Sitting at an intersection or hotel parking lot. Both were with well reviewed established girls. Guess it can happen to anyone from anyone. One I didn't try to get with again, one I had seen before and had great experiences so I scheduled again later. Make up session was awesome. So I guess trying again isn't a terrible idea
  3. New Years Eve Realization

    Pictures or it didn't happen. and don't boast about Internet dating to begin with. It's like bragging about kicking a blind guys ass.
  4. Would do your math homework. Or CS. Can go all the way to differential equations II. Physics and probably a lot of chem too. But so far, just money
  5. Can a guy get some cross streets???

    Agreed! I booking with a gal posting dtc, turned out to be other side of highlands ranch. I wouldn't have booked if I knew that. The apt went wonderfully so no complaints about that par, but that is a factor. I was thinking it would be a quick 20 min drive from up town. Turns out to be 2-3 times that. There and back quite the tiny little detail to leave out. Not that I have anything against her, just would not schedule when she's that far out.
  6. To Be or Not To Be...

    I agree with inkspot. for me it seems redundant with some of the ladies I've seen. 20 fantastic reviews, I think the clientele gets it. And I really really hate people that think they are amature food critics writing on yelp or the next Rodger ebert posting on IMDB. im one of the few that thinks there should only be 2 ratings. She rocked your world or didn't. I'll try to step up my review game if it helps out the guys and gals so much though.
  7. Courteous Call

    Another great obscure place for hot dogs is Home Depot.
  8. Courteous Call

    It's tough to arrive somewhere [exactly] at 7 or whenever so I isually try to arrive early. Not just for sessions but in life in general, just good business imo. But I've always wondered if the girls get annoyed. Like I'm being overly... Can't think of a good word. Not like an hour early but 15 mins. And I'll call. I don't get offended when the girl says they aren't ready, I wait patiently. Never NC or NS either.
  9. Best PSE in Denver?

    + 1 I agree on Megan. Don't know about am Amsterdam, never had the pleasure.
  10. Location information disparity

    Problem solved! Great advice for spending you money at any business. Go straight to the one that does business the way you want & Don't cry about the ones that don't.
  11. Making the switch :)

    I thought women loved being covered in cum. Gonna have to rethink most of my life...
  12. I wish the thread was creative titties. I'm so sad that it doesn't actually.
  13. Ladies: ever have a caller ask if...?

    Probably got your # from a site you [did] post and called you just to fuck with you. People do shit like that for comedy. Think crank Yankers. Just hang up right away. He just got his way with you for free.
  14. Add-on Services

    I want the girl with the add on service to reenact the return of the Jedi light saber battle with me after sex. I would even let the lady choose if she wants to be vader or Luke, because I am a true gentleman.
  15. Gasoline!? Jeeze. That's pretty intense. Just stop for Thai on the way home. Get the extra hot. And a couple cigs. Maybe a glass of scotch. Nobody will be the wiser.