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  1. Alternative screening ideas. I want to know.

    I have been using photo ID as a screening tool since last spring. It cut no-show appointments by 90%, and I don't have to wait for reference replies. A few have resisted, but overall it's worked well. What pitfalls am I missing using this method? I'm always looking for ways to be safer.
  2. Fun House Mirror effect Ad Photos

    It happens to my photos and everyone else's I've clicked on. It's not just you...
  3. info... "husband away"

    I am real, and I'd love to answer your questions more directly. Speculation is fun, but knowledge is power. As for the question of my breasts, my bras come from the UK and are indeed size 30E. On a 5'2" girl they are each about the size of a grapefruit, and of course natural breasts fluctuate more noticeably throughout the month. Please don't expect some giant silicone melons or you'll be disappointed.