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  1. This is a live stream that tracks the spread of the Coronavirus around the world with continuous updates.
  2. Welcome - The Whisperer

  3. Did someone say cheezy?
  4. If you were a booger then I would pick you first.
  5. And I still think it's funny.
  6. Any info on "Shania"?

    Nope Stripper Slide - Rubbing the vulva on the shaft of the penis Nuru Massage - A body to body rub using a slippery oil
  7. It took me an extra minute to figure out which side of the clit piercing she enjoyed me playing around with more. It was fun to try something different. If your nice and not judgmental then asking her why she got the piercing will give you something to talk about. There are a lot reasons why people(guys included) get body art for themselves. I know it's earrings, but it's fun to see the confidence brought on by them.
  8. why post 411 on known providers?

    A new user may not know the providers who post regularly on TOB,EB,P411. Also, they may not know how and where to look for information. Those 411's tend to get answered quickly and become a shill fest before the mods shut them down.
  9. Yes, but it's more of a client song though.
  10. 411 on Sexy Lucy

    Oopma Loompas Smurfs
  11. ASP hittin' you up for money

    I had to drop a provider that I liked:( because she was cold calling me asking for appointments. I have now taken measures to make random calls, texts, and emails less of an issue.
  12. Best nqns/bbbj in Denver.

    She is now advertising as Gage/Gage of Denver.
  13. Old becoming New...

    Another way to look at this is that over the years my ATF has changed her hair(long, short, black, red, and pink), changed her boobs (small, medium, and large), changed her makeup and outfits, changed her contact info( Name,phone numbers, email, UTR, retired) regardless of all that change I am still happy to see her when I can.
  14. Can't get laid with a fist full of cash

    Maybe you need two fists full of cash?