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  1. Lexi Loves Denver

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to say how much I love this city. The providers and men here are really cool. Denver is such a beautiful city. I just wanted to give a big ups to Denver and spread some positive vibes around.
  2. If a guy refuses to take a shower I refuse to give a bbbj. Eventually he gets in the shower believe me....
  3. Hello TOB Vegas, Please allow me the pleasure of introducing myself. I am Sexy Lexi based in Los Angeles. I have travled to vegas many time with clients for business and pleasure trips and it is always great fun. I'm sure this board will not disappoint either. I hope to get to know some new Vegas friends. Cheers! xoxo
  4. Newbie Hello TOB

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Nikki it's always a blast with you. A cute little spinner from FL will be here soon. Pittbull the sexy species has invaded Denver....
  5. Newbie Hello TOB

    Hello everyone, Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lexi a Los Angeles based provider. This is my first visit to Denver. I am new to the area but not the hobby [snip}. The ever popular and lovely companion Nikki Holiday highly recommended this forum for the Denver area. [snip} I am looking forward to making new and lasting friends. Cheers! xoxo, Sexy Lexi