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  1. 1. Every section of the country has their own regional sites 2. Through research has minimized my bad experiences 3. The experience is totally different in different areas of the country 4. Girls that don't see black guys based upon color alone are full of shit. Talk to me for 2 minutes and you will realize I'm a safe, regular guy who just wants to have fun 5. Nice guys don't always finish last. I have lots of friends who are assholes and they wonder why I had a spectacular time with a girl when they had a terrible one with the same girl! In an industry filled with assholes, ladies really appreciate when a nice guy shows up. 6. Vegas is one of the worst places to hobby 7 I will never understand why ladies will pick up the phone every time you call until you arrive then you have to call 4 times before they pick up. 8 This shit is fun!!! 9 Very few ladies know how to keep customer coming back
  2. Refugee

    I had not heard of TOB until I starting asking a few fellow Redbook refugees. I had been a member there for years, had over 100 reviews and now I'm back to square one with other sites so here I am. I live in Cali but visit Vegas at least 8 times per year, sometimes more. Looking forward to what this site has to offer.