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  1. no I do not know what it is

    Wow, is really a door or just a shadow or photoshop? How know
  2. Texas Elementary School Shooting

    I do not agree with your opinion 1). I do agree with your opinion 2) This is why: hypothetical Scenario in response to 1). If I or any other person happens to insult you and use rough language for no aperent reason while you are armed with your gun, what will be your reaction? Will you get over it and do nothing? You may be Avery strong willed person and just brushed off, unfortunately some may not, some may be angry with the world for no reason and just looking for a reason to unload their frustration or guns... Just to be clear, I own guns, lot of them and I come from a country where there is tyranny, and the majority of its citizens own high caliber guns, there are more guns than the USA, (giving you some credit here) only law enforcement and military are allowed to use them legally, for citizens they are Iligal because the government banned them since the revolution( look it up 1920)... Tyranny has nothing to do with citizens not having guns to protect the country or property it has to do with what king of "coolaid" you are drinking in your life... My solution to the gun violence is education, understanding wat these criminals where thinking before during and after the fact, does anyone have ever stop and ask a violent teenager how he feels, why he acts like that? Guns are tool, unfortunately is not being used properly. Any tool can be a weapon in wrong hands... "