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  1. Favorite in Session?

    One of my favorite artists is Andreas Vollenweider, he is a Jazz/Pop Harpist from Switzerland. I don't know how to imbed those links, so you will have to Cut and Paste into your search engine.
  2. Five Times In 5 Days??? SERIOUSLY?

    So, I heard this rumor that the cancellations are actually on purpose some of the time, they are actually pimps that are trying to get some of the more regular girls to lose business, they book the time and that way the provider blocks that off her schedule, then they cancel, the provider loses the revenue and if she has enough of them then she might lose enough money that she might have to look into a different line of work. Also if the lady gets another call that wanted that time slot, and she is booked, then he would most likely look for another lady in the same general area, maybe the pimps girl gets the call? just a rumor tho, but it does kind of make a bit of sense. also just my $.02
  3. Emailing providers

    Et tu brute?
  4. Opinions Please

    I guess I should have said this in the original post..and thank you for bringing it up! I am self employed and work well after scheduled hours, I take care of a lot of customers during regular hours and after hours is the only time to get things done!( I am a hands on craftsman) so After 6:00pm would be early! I am also located in Lakewood(yes it of infamy) just off wads and jewell ave. I am an almost 6yr member of P411, and the search of my phone # goes back at least 10yrs. let me say... you have an incredible pair of twins, and post powerball, them and me will be very good friends! again, thanks all for not far. T
  5. Opinions Please

    Greetings all, please keep the flames to a minimum? The most recent post about NQNS/BBBJ, got me thinking about the type of Hobbiest I am. For the most part this is exactly what I'm looking for on a regular basis, once a week or so, after a hard day/week I search looking for a Lady to come to my work afterhours and take care of this need, I dont ask nor usually want FS mostly just for her to get topless since I do love Boobies! I search mostly BP and other places(yes taking that risk) and not EB, because most of the EB ladies are incall or charge alot more for outcall and I'm not looking for 30min more like 15, I also cant see paying the average $200 for just a BnG. And I would never ask for rates other than what the ladies are advertising. that being said, here are the things i'm looking for opinions on. 1) Is wanting only to pay $100+ asking too much for this service, Outcall, BnG? 2) I was raised to always be a gentleman when it comes to women, and at times I feel like a Cad for using them in this manner and not reciprocating, I know its their chosen profession but still I sometimes feel it. Thanks for reading and not flaming. BTW any EB, P411 ladies that would offer this service for the rates im wanting to pay, please PM me!
  6. ???

    Year Round I love to go GeoCaching! gets you out and about all over the state.
  7. Happy Birthday Velvet Valentine!

    Happy Birthday pretty lady!
  8. I agree southwest denver suburbs, I live in Lakewood and understand the issues, but hampering and Wandsworth would be perfect for me! I hate the DTC. what about denver west out in golden?