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  1. Happy Birthday Shells!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday Shelly
  2. Any ladies bored tonight? GREAT OFFER

    Sounds just like those info commercials!! But wait there is more, if you call within the next (blank) you will receive a bonus, just pay shipping and handling..
  3. I saw this add on tv last night. Was wondering if anybody has tried it?
  4. Well I think is depends if it's a first time encounter and/or if there is any chemistry between the two of you. I try my best and sometimes yes and sometimes no. It's kinda up you her, because she has be able to let go in her mind first. Can think of several times the big O was reached a couple of times.
  5. Hotel doors

    Hotels don’t bother me at all, as long as they are 3 stars or higher. No one will know, unless you are acting suspicious. One time when I was leaving the room, the maid asked if we wanted our room cleaned, I just smiled and said you could check back in 30. Hope she wasn’t listening outside the door.
  6. I live my life by treating everyone like would want to be treated. I know it's simple, but it works for me.
  7. Going down

    Great Book to get you started, then lots of practice Someone asked me a long time ago how I got so good. I smiled and said practice makes perfect along with the title of the book. Just remember its only a road map and you still need to find out what works for her.
  8. Hookers on a plane

    With all my traveling, I either get some guy, or someone's grandma. Leigh, maybe I should use you as my travel agent. lol
  9. DATO

    Giving, I can really get into it, but everything needs to be clean or Receiving is definitely a treat! Had a GF who was into it and every now and then during a hot session of 69, she would go a little farther down and
  10. IMO. The ladies who use EB/TOB and/or P411 are more reliable, and a better class. Just like the guys might be more of a gentlemen and refined. Some like to find the diamond in the rough, but you might have to go through many until you find the one.
  11. Have seen it a couple of times and it always brings a smile. Just waiting for a call from one of the rentals I have, telling me about drain problem.
  12. There GReeaat. Especially when you go with someone. The massager in the chair is a nice touch too. Hummm Think I need to have some TLC.
  13. Somebody's life story

    Well said Melissa. If they really are best friends, isn't that what one has after the honeymoon period wears off?
  14. I love titties! Do you?

    Like them all A,B,C,D and DD. Natural or Enhanced (just listen to your Dr.) Don't want to feel like I'm playing with water balloons. lol
  15. How do you like to get started? This poll is designed for first time dates. If you would like to explain how you make your move, or you would like to answer based on repeat visits, please add your comments in your post. Thanks