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  1. There are some awesome rates right now.

    I think they are getting business not like before but yes these ladies have a lots of contacts so they can run their business normal
  2. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter guys sorry for the late message hope you guys had a beautiful Easter
  3. I Feel This

    And I lost my pain after looking at the beautiful models Instagram photos
  4. Return of Jhooker

    Right keep forward instead of looking back.
  5. Price increase.

  6. Yeah agree with you but I really don't think that this effect this much to the dick, we have several things now a days which effects us in many different ways like food, junk food and these kind of things, I don't know now our immune system becomes stronger or our body becomes weak because of these things..
  7. I am surprised that there is no topic related to Germany as nowadays my Uncle has been stuck in Frankfurt Germany because of covid I don't know when he can get out of there and we will go for a family vacation again like before..
  8. Fat Man

    I'll watch it too after your review
  9. Moves your soul.

    Mostly I listen party music because I love to listen them they have an energy in them and make our body moves automatically in the form of dance
  10. Verification Sites

    Nice question, from my experience I would like to say that yes scam is real as everyone knows but it depends on the site which you are using, A professional and authentic site shows up from their look and layout and a scammer site says by its self.