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  1. Room Keys in Vegas

    Heres a list of places I have been to that I know: Strip (south to North) Exclibur Luxor MGM (I believe you may need key but its always so busy a provider can hitch a ride I have never used a key at MGM) New York New York Planet Holywood Cosmopolitan (same as MGM Im sure you need room key but its SO hectic the elevator is always full of people happy to press the button for you) Mandarin Oriental (but it has a sky lobby - you have to enter via one elevator which ONLy goes up to a highrise Lobby floor and go to the lobby desk and is NOT discreet at all!!! then take a SECOND elevator to the actual floor you want UGH) Caesars Paris BAllys Quad Mirage Circus Circus STratorphere (basically most of them) Offstrip: Rio Silver 7's Any location in the Station Hotel chain Golden Nugget Including Rush Tower (best towntown) 4 Queens The D There may be more these are just the ones Ive been too. NB: I have NEVER needed a keycard in Vegas in past 9 months
  2. New to TOB

    Hi Everyone I thought I would make an introduction post (as when I signed up they encouraged that) Aussie girl, I just resettled down here in Las Vegas after 5 years away Good to be back