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  1. I am not from here, and want to post an ad, however, I just want to post it for a week, maybe two depending on my trip, then I want to delete it, it gone...poof, disappear from the internet. I don't want google searches two years from now finding the ad. I see that you guys keep EVERYTHING, (2012 stuff still coming up in internet searches) that's why I am hesitant to comment and really engage in the board.I want to be able to delete my comments, posts and ads. I am just part time and do not want the constant exposure. I just want to stay under the radar as much as I can. Thank you
  2. Convenient Areas to Stay in Denver

    For me, Stapleton is best, free shuttle from airport, no rental car, and reasonable rates for 3.5 or 4 star hotel. I don't stay in anything below that for my comfort and safety and yours, lol. I agree, parking is bad downtown, but better hotels, DTC i great, but far for me from the airport.
  3. Convenient Areas to Stay in Denver

    No, sorry, just the local area =(
  4. Sarah_S Colorado Escort I was looking to get a survey of the most convenient, centrally located areas most men prefer providers to stay. Airport, Stapleton, Downtown, Denver Tech ctr? Input and suggestions greatly appreciated.
  5. I have trouble using...

    More "you have a warning" messages....I give up. You win. Sarah......signing off.
  6. I have trouble using...

    There was this post: and "greentoad" said "ladies show us your feet" so I posted a pic and said "here you go" and that was ALL I said, (NOT Here you go, here are my rates, location, etc, etc,) and it was BANNED! Also have gotten multiple emails about paying for an ad, so I am beginning to believe that if I somehow do not pay for a $65 ad, I am persona non grata on this board.....LOL. <snip>
  7. I have trouble using...

    This board!! Every time I have tried to post, comment or advertise, I have been reprimanded....Not sure exactly how to even use the board....I cant seem to even comment on a post. Do you just not want non Colorado people on here? Confused...HELP!
  8. Why choose not to have reviews?

    Very well said...... =)