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  1. Ncns

    I hate to do it but deposits required if I don't know you. Read reviews guys. Don't talk details about personal things. Just be smart. Thanks 👍
  2. Anyone else here been screwed with nonstop lately?

    Yes. I had 4 in one day. I'm now going back to requiring deposits
  3. Dealing with a loss of a pet

    I am sorry for your loss. Being overwhelmed is not excuse to have a puppy die of heat and dehydration. I understand you may be overwhelmed, I can help where needed.
  4. Drama amongst providers

    Hi yall! I don't know what ya'll have heard, but I assure you it came from two ladies. Any questions, ask me. This is ridiculous. Thought ladies were supposed to look out for each other. God bless yall!
  5. Sooo Slowwww

    For me, it's slow because some guys don't want to go thru screening anymore. They just want me to talk dirty and answer personal questions, send them my address, and go about it. Like, you want to know all about me, but all I know about you is your throwaway number your calling or texting me from. Thats not how I go about it. If that means I'm slow, so be it.
  6. Should I say Hi out side of the hobby??

    I think it kind of depends on the relationship and situation of those involved. If you are close friends and you know for fact that she is not married or with anyone then I would think it is ok, but in the same sentence, you never truly know as this hobby is fantasy for a lot of participants :-)
  7. ???? Body Image

    Thank you everyone for the support and opinions. [snip} [snip}
  8. ???? Body Image

    I had a friend tell me the other day that I have a little [snip] gut that I don't show in my pictures...OF COURSE my pictures are going to emphasize my positive attributes! I know I have a little belly, and one should tell that from my pictures...I do not photo shop my belly out of the pics, but rather embrace my other positives it in a modest way... Am I wrong on this? Don't most women display their qualities, as opposed to their flaws? I am not ashamed of my body; I know I have a little bit of a belly, but that among other things make me different than the other thin, big boobed women out here and I love that! Am I wrong????
  9. Like most respondents said, it may be wise to invest a few bucks in a hobby phone so that you don't have to worry about that kind of thing...
  10. Five Times In 5 Days??? SERIOUSLY?

    Thank you everyone for your support and advice. I will definitely state a cancellation fee. Its just so not cool. Everyone's time is valuable!
  11. Five Times In 5 Days??? SERIOUSLY?

    Ok, I hate to rant about this, but seriously! I had five cancellations in five days. Do people not realize all the effort [snip} I put into preparing to see them? And I am [snip} at that??? I work hard to have a welcoming place, and I like [snip}, and you cancel on me less than an hours notice??? Five different people, five different times, in a few days??? WTH is going on??? Kira
  12. All about hair

    Miss Nikki....dont forget your favorite Female Redhead :-) I dont know what it is about us redheads but if you encounter one of us (and I mean NATURAL Redhead), buckle your seat belt! :-)
  13. What Is Going On???

    So for the last three weeks I have had more last minute cancellations and NC/NS than I have had in all my years combined on TOB. Most are "reputable" guys or P411. GRRR!!!! What is going on???
  14. New to the board

    Hi there!
  15. My first rant this year.....guys...

    IMO... I am not or would ever ask a new potential friend for their life story. I ask that they give me an introduction. If you are on dating sites, as you stated, and you feel that a request for an intro is a request for telling your life story, then maybe that is why you are not successful on dating sites or dating in general...just saying... I am sure that most men seeking a GFE experience DO consider personality and connection an important factor when seeking a good companion. Not all men care but those seeking a GFE experience, GFE is a term for a reason... If the GFE is not your cup of tea, then there are still providers out there for you with different brews and flavors! Good luck! Makes PERFECT sense to me!