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  1. Asian postings

    thanks all for the input - I knew the pic's where fake - but wanted to hear from someone that used the service...I was leaning towards it being to good to be true!
  2. Asian postings

    Various 205-512-6366 Colorado Companion anyone ever try one of these guys - this one is pretty commonly advertised daily. Show a local location - decent price - always in a different location Worries me since there's no review...etc
  3. thanks everyone for your comments! I think I'm just nostalgic for providers of the develop great relationships and friends in this hobby and there's a level of trust and friendship (some say a type of love of the provider) I have seen these friendships move on to marriage by some and was extremely excited for her...still seeing her at soccer games is kinda sexy too....but the environment lately just seems colder to me...As I age I guess some of that is on me....thanks again for your comments it made for fun reading today!
  4. here's the deal - I've been dabbling for years...and have had some great experiences with some fantastic always have the ugly or not so fun event in between...and have learned to stay clear and read the signs. But lately I'm finding alot of upselling and nastiness when chatting with the ladies. What happened to the service level?
  5. 411 Stacy Carlson retirement?

    Stacy was one of the first providers I could actually see myself dating - over the years we became very close and as of her retirement I never got the chance to tell her how amazing she was and how much she meant to me for filling a major hole in my life when I needed someone...she's a 10 - mind, body and soul!