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  1. not able to make a payment.

    I did send an email at 7:30am and no response yet..I really need to post my ad and make payment..Is there a faster process? Are there specific things that need to be in the email?
  2. not able to make a payment.

    Will I be able to place a visiting ad for Denver on Monday?
  3. not able to make a payment.

    I am visiting and I have not been able to post and pay for my ad. Please help!
  4. New to TOB

    Thank you for the warm welcome and happy hunting! [snip - advertising]
  5. New to TOB

    Hi Guys, [snip-advertising] Let me introduce myself, I am Diamond Black [snip-advertising] [snip-advertising] Diamond Black
  6. Making the switch to WE

    You got it Ms. Megan. It is the simple things that make men happy and feel appreciated. In return, they will do anything to keep you happy...Congrats to you! Diamond Black