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    Used to go by the name Britany.. not new to TOB but for privacy reasons is why switched my name...
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    tattoos , hairstylist, my blue nose Pit Bull , making other people smile
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    pleasing others
  1. To Shave or not shave?

    I prefer shaved well groomed men, not trying to be picking pubs out of my mouth for 5 minutes of the session
  2. So many choices & locations.. best & worst experiences? For some reason I stick to the Extended Stay Hotels. More discrete & home away from home experience . A lot of people live there.. so it don't look to odvious staying a long period of time or having "guests" visiting. No security & I don't feel as if I'm being watched by cameras 24/7. Worst experience I'd have to say I stayed at Motel 6 on desperate last minute choice & never ever again. Its like being in jail. Being monitored police everywhere & rooms is like a cell block.
  3. My Stay

    Yep happened to me I booked a room at Extended Stay.. the guy acted suspicious like what's the point of your stay if you live down the street.. anyways he looked up my number & called me back and was like your number is up for solicitation. I was like oh really I wasn't aware thanks.. that was the one mentioned earlier. I'd probably avoid Laquinta on Arapahoe to. They do stings there. Trust I know & they work with the pigs.
  4. Providers Texting Customers?

    Glad I came across this.. ODVIOUSLY it's about me. I'd like to say sorry for the inconvince of the text. Just got back in town from traveling. Gone for 3 months. Came back in town with new phone.. & number. Sent a text out to every one in my contacts letting them no I was back with a new number. It was a discrete text btw. ODVIOUSLY I did not know it sent as a" group text" since my phone does not give me that message. I sent it all out at once so I didn't have to individually have to text 300+ contacts. Again sorry for the inconvince or any problem it may caused. Of course about this review..... how do I dispute it? Everything written in review is a lie. Notice he had no prior reviews. The way he described things he should of just gave me a terrible review honestly if he thought the experience was that bad. Which it wasn't! Bitching about a puppy I "had" which was a 4 month old puppy that I mentioned I had before arriving that did not disturbe him or appointment in any way and yes was lying under bed. Anyways mentioning teeth gross... NOTHING are wrong with my teeth. He seems to be only one who ever complained about anything in my 3 years of escorting in Denver. Now I see he's trying to change review around to NO SHOW? Um excuse me.. how if no appointment was ever set?? Davisp is a old lying fart! Sorry to say but this irritates me. I don't think anyone could satisfy him. Providers I'd be aware of him. He may lie on you next.
  5. Truck driver passing thru

    Trick stops creep me out.. But there are hotels cdl friendly
  6. back after 4yrs

    Hello Mr. Happy welcome back
  7. Don't forget to bring a towel

    Funny... I always be stocking up on towels for my Incall. I keep the dirty ones & wash them myself & be up at the front desk grabbing new ones. I have to have a stock of clean towels... & if I have extras when I go to another location I bring them with me. I'm always a little weird of the ones who bring bags with them like a camera case or laptop bag. I'll ask what's in it & if they don't mind if I can look. A lot of people don't trust leaving laptops & ext in there car. But yes I be on top of the towel game
  8. Text or not to text .... Hmmm

    Thanks for everyone's responses..
  9. Text or not to text .... Hmmm

    Most ads simply say DO NOT TEXT.... So why do I still receive average of 10 text a day? Isn't it easier to just call the provider & hold a 2 min convo & get to know each other then 100 messages back & fourth asking the same questions that's already written in ad. Honestly I feel most texters are BSers... Get the excuse I'm at work can't talk right now wife is around... Blah blah! So if you don't have time to hold a 2 min convo how are you going to have time to see me? Js. Also it says please be discreet over phone.. So why ask any sexual favors? I know why your calling, you know why your calling does it really need to be discussed? How can I answer any questions as far as my services if I don't know you? I may offer something to him & not you. So why text? Also do you guys really take time to read ad or is it all about the pics?
  10. Does face pics make a diffrence?

    Oh thanks... I know how I just think it looks funny or maybe makes it look like stolen pix . I ususlly just crop my head off & since I have 15 tats I try to blur those out... I just noticed I get better calls with a face pic then just body shots. Its been a year now since I got caught so im starting to revel myself a little more now. Im not a newbie anymore learned how to screen w/ o scaring clients off haha
  11. Does face pics make a diffrence?

    Thanks guys for the tips
  12. Does face pics make a diffrence?

    Curious...? Have a few questions about posting. Boys when your looking at ads what are you looking for? Simple? Creativity w/ all the pretty decorations.. haha? Reviews? How many pix is to many? Prices? Exact location? Face Pix? Ive been popped before for putting my face & exact location on ad.. so now I post a few body shots & just surrounding areas where im located.I usually post prices & sometimes jazz my ads up to make them more personal cute & to make them stick out. Someone told me simple is better Since I been popped I switched my name .. [snip} I need opinions & helpful tips PLEASE!! I feel like a newbie to this... but im not! I been around 2 years
  13. Hey boys

    Introducing myself ... Denver Colorado Springs Ft Collins provider formly known as Britany. Now Summer! Excited to be back. Its been awhile