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  1. Fort Collins GFE

    GFE? YMMV...
  2. You get what you pay for is not always the case but that is with just about anything.
  3. ZHTR

    I picked random letters. There is no meaning to them at all.
  4. Incall vs. Outcall

    Outcall is out of the question.
  5. Slowww!

    The economy is slowing and less discretionary income. Those at the top end are spending less as well so that has a reverberating effect.
  6. Newbie Advice

    Like any forum, there will always be newcomers such as myself that have questions. Is it really helpful to just simply tell them to "do a search"? Have to remember, at one point everyone was new here.
  7. Since We Went All Pussy & Stuff—-a feel good story

    I try to return items whenever possible. I have never found anything of huge value.
  8. Jacuzzi Tub in Hotel Room

    I just assume stay out of them. Too many superbugs out there.
  9. Jacuzzi Tub in Hotel Room

    Do you trust public jacuzzis?
  10. Brand new to the board

    Nice meeting everyone, have a good day.