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  1. What happened

    Go easy on us. There is less oxygen at this altitude.
  2. A 411 Puzzler Here in COS

    Here are reviews for the Thai lady.
  3. When I used to partake of AMP's, I found I did not agree with many Rubmap reviews on provider attractiveness. Being a superficial degenerate, I needed to see for myself first, so I would scout them out when in the area. I would drop by and ask about the massage, try to see as many present ladies as possible, get their names, grab a card, and promise to return. If I saw one I liked I would call later and set up an appointment with her. This worked pretty well for me. These were Chinese AMP's, I don't think my behavior would have flown with the Koreans. I scounted one AMP and was not impressed by the lady. I asked who else was working and she brought out another. When I asked once more if anyone else was available yet another appeared, but I think the first lady was saying something less than kind about me in her language to the 2nd lady hearing her tone and seeing her facial expressions. Now I live a 5 minute walk from that AMP and sometimes see that 1st lady standing outside the parlor.
  4. I recall the day my ex read an article about asexual people and recognized that in herself. By that time I had a GF on the side so I really didn't care.
  5. Friends

    I feel fortunate to have a brother and two good friends who hobby. I've learned so much from this board, but it's not the same as face-to-face. My in-state buddy keeps banging my favorites and then we get together over dinner to discuss. My out-of-state bud visited last month and I sent him to a favored young lass. Great fun!
  6. Dang, dude, sounds like marriage!
  7. Only been doing this for a year, but this is what I am learning too about what works best for me. There is one provider I see repeatedly. I find her such a vain & superficial little princess, but she really turns me on for some reason. I just love hot 30 minute sessions with her. When she comes to town I opt for frequency over session length. When it comes to my ATF, I just wanna whisk her off to Puerto Rico for a week.
  8. To Shave or not shave?

    I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read that!
  9. Anyone having trouble with p411?

    No issues here hitting it from an Android phone and Linux desktop, both with Chrome.
  10. Newbie

    Yes, awesome start! I got my first infraction right off the bat due to my initial choice of avatar.
  11. Mexican restaurants

    You mean Casa Bonita? They keep it dark in there for a reason... One of my YL friends just turned me on to Las Tortas, although not in DTC.
  12. So are you now engaged or just walking bow-legged?
  13. Getting a P411 membership

    If I were you I would just talk directly to the folks at P411. They can be creative and flexible getting you verified.
  14. So, Who's Gonna Do It?

    Just be aware and do not click Yes to every prompt: "Starting today, Microsoft is offering most Windows 7 and Windows 8 users a free upgrade to the software giant's latest operating system Windows 10. But there's a very important security caveat that users should know about before transitioning to the new OS: Unless you opt out, Windows 10 will by default prompt to you share access to WiFi networks to which you connect with any contacts you may have listed in Outlook and Skype and, with an opt-in, your Facebook friends." I'll stick with Debian Linux myself.