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  1. Age check poll

    So I'm 66, 155#, and about 5'7". I love the young'uns. Sorry ladies but they make me feel like I'm reliving my youthful years.
  2. Colfax Stories

    Oh so you don't know about the Pitcher for the Rockies who got busted on West Colfax getting a blowjob in his pickup truck?
  3. Happy Birthday Shelly Reed!

    Happy Happy Birthday Baby (if you remember the song)
  4. the references dilemma

    A possible solution to your not being able to drive is RTD Access-a-Ride. They will pick you up and drive you anywhere for a very reasonable fee. So then all you need is a wheelchair accessable building . But OP you never actually said you were in a wheelchair, I believe that was ak guy.But if you have diabilities of any kind you can use Access-a-Ride anyway. Just contact RTD and they will take you through the process.
  5. fort collins

    To the OP, you might want to keep an eye on the escort boards. Many times when ladies are traveling to various locations they will say so ahead of time and you could book in advance. Just a thought.
  6. How about maybe telling them you're a topless Dancer or something and that you make your money from tips. Or possibly some kind of contract worker whose income is in 1099 info. Would an Insurance Agent really need to see income tax records to sell you insurance?
  7. Other day time jobs?

    Pardon me for my HO but I think it actually is a privelege to be with the beauties here on TOB. Also, Nurses and Teachers are just naturally more giving kinds of people so they fit well into this profession. As for Real Estate Agents? I haven't a clue unless maybe they're not very successful agents or they like the excitement as stated earlier.
  8. Traveling!!

    Why not try Durango. Only about 6 hrs and you could try setting appts ahead of your trip. I lived there in the late 90's and there is beautiful scenery to check out. Also a Hot Springs just North of town. Silverton nearby. Also Mesa Verde cliff dwellings. Have fun wherever you go, but don't stay away too long. Wink Wink
  9. References

    Many Thanks to the ladies who stepped up and volunteered to allow me to use them as references. I really appreciate you all. Who knows, maybe I never even had a problem in the first place.
  10. References

    I had thought of that as well. Plus, there are still some ladies who will remember me and would be willing to see me. The problem is that as I have gotten a little older I do not have the kind of disposable income that I used to, so I'd like to be able to see the ones I really want to see. Maybe I'm just being too picky about this whole thing. I do still get to see my ATF once in a while even though she is kind of semi-retired these days.
  11. References

    I have been a member of TOB since 2003, they changed servers in 07 so that is what is shown as my join date. I have around 20 reviews that I have written. Here is my problem: I have not been active lately and almost every ad now states that they want 2 or 3 recent references. There are quite a few ladies that I would like to see but I cannot provide references. I am wondering if you ladies would accept all of my previous reviews as a collective reference. Would love to get some feedback on this. Thank you all.
  12. Anyone?

    Does anyone know what has happened to Diamond Eclipse? I have known her for quite some time and have not heard from her in months. Have not seen her advertising on here lately either. So anyone have any news about her?
  13. Passing by the Hotel

    I also have very fond memories of different Hotels where I have had memorable trysts. A particular one is near Colo and I-25 where we were on about the 8th floor and after the fun she went over to the window, still naked, and opened the curtains and looked out. Now, every time I pass that Hotel, I look at the upper floor windows hoping to see a beautiful naked lady standing in one of them. She thought for sure nobody would ever be looking up there. I have never seen any but I still look every time I drive by.
  14. For the guys, how do you see yourself?

    I have been in this Hobby for many years. Ladies: I Love You All! Nuff Said
  15. thank you ladies.

    Anybody see the article in the July/August issue of Playboy about the Vietnam/Iraq/Afghanistan vets who signed up even though they weren't nationalized citizens? Some of them had certain infractions with LE, some of which were misdemeaners that suddenly became felonies. There are a whole group of them. Their reward for their service? Deportation. Now that's gratitude for you. Thank you for your post OP