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  1. Hey all, I found an intriguing girl on TER,, two reviews and she has a website too. http://camilalove.weebly.com/ The P411 for her is no longer active, one of the reviews ia one review profile type, coupled with zero info here, and I thought I'd ask here before inquiring with her. Any info?
  2. 411 on Ayla (Tryst)

    Any updates?
  3. Shae Dechantelli??

    100% too bad. She was perfection.
  4. Shae Dechantelli??

    She has an only fans account now. "Nicole Snow".
  5. 411 on Amber Ivy

    Yep, PM me.
  6. 411 on Mya R

    Mya R 720-704-7249 Colorado Massage https://tryst.link/massage/mya-94 Anyone see this lady? Thanks in advance for your input if you have.
  7. Info on Christina Westbrook

    It's Lilly White, no question. Reviews for Lilly were ....not ok if you all can remember.
  8. 411 on Kat Green

    Anything new? Anyone? She has some new(ish) reviews on TER. BUT....I get the weird feeling they all are intertwined somehow. No reviews that I can find elsewhere, cute pictures, but still I'm wary. Unless someone here has some new info to share.
  9. Info on Christina Westbrook

    Think that she used to go by Lilly White a few years ago, right?
  10. 411 on Lydia Lavelle

    I've seen her, the pictures make her look hotter than she really is, although she's attractive enough without the high gloss, etc. Also, she's a big time upsell type, her incall was a sterile office setting where she constantly worried about being quiet and spoke in hushed tones, and she invited herself to do outcall next time so that she could upsell some more, be more vocal and charge more money. I didn't think much of it but she kept contacting me which is a major NO I in my book. I can't do a review here, no profile, but consider this my feedback.
  11. Empress Elle

    I have a initial meeting via computer conference tomorrow, I'll let you know how it goes.
  12. New TOB lovely

    Spot on, she is up front and honest. That should be commended. If you don't agree with her rates and "no list"? Move on. Many girls aren't that honest, hence the value in these reviews, and this 411 forum, right?
  13. Flurry of providers disappearing last month

    I think they all invested in Crypto and hit it big.
  14. Barbie Doll from Tryst

    I'm with you.
  15. Wondering why women aren't advertising being vaccinated?

    I will WHEN I feel safe and not a minute sooner. I also don't want to potentially spread, and wearing a mask is such a small thing to do when it comes to health and safety. Do you. Don't worry about me wearing a mask.