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  1. Room Keys in Vegas

    You can also add SLS to that list. They check room keys at the elevators.
  2. Room Keys in Vegas

    The Orleans does have security down stairs that checks room keys. As for a strip hotel that's not crazy expensive but still pretty nice, I've stayed at the Monte Carlo and it's some what mid range as far as strip hotels go. Come back first week in November for SEMA ?
  3. Room Keys in Vegas

    Yes sir, you're correct. I stayed at Mandalay last year and have a nice time with a few ladies in the comfort of my own room. Paris is nice, but the big boss likely not approve of the price tag. Probably looking to stay near the buck 50 per night price range.
  4. Room Keys in Vegas

    Thank you folks for your info. Being that this is a business trip, I'll have to check with my bosses what's in the budget (as far as hotels go), but I'm thinking possibly either staying at either the Tropicana, Monte Carlo, or Excalibur. Any info on whether these specific 3 hotels require room keys for entrance? Bally sounds nice though, since it's right in the middle of the strip.
  5. I can't seem to remember where I had seen that list that showed what hotels in Vegas don't require room keys for the ladies to come upstairs. I'll be in Vegas in a few months and it would be much more discreet than having to meet the lady downstairs. Can anybody point me in the right direction, or make a few recommendations on some average to above average hotels that will make hobbying easier. Not looking to stay at a hotel like the Cosmopolitan or Mandarin Oriental, but not a Motel 6 either. I will have a rental car, but it's always nice not having to leave the comfort of your own room. Mahalo for any info you can share.